by Tina Olivero

    Energy Matters

    There’s one thing about a global recession that is extremely powerful and should not be overlooked. Economic recessions have guided us to look for bigger and more powerful methods to operate within. What that translates into are new and creative business models, new products and services and business operations overall. We have certainly evolved.

    The internet is the most powerful global network and communications’ tool on the planet. Globalization is happening FAST with the emergence of multimedia online solutions. People with mastery in online applications, solutions and sales hold the keys to global business success: anything can get created online and translated into tangible business practices. What that means is highly effective communication and productivity networks are essential in today’s global economy. Companies like Google and IBM certainly “get it”.

    Here at The Oil and Gas Magazine, we are capitalizing on multimedia global solutions. With people operating all over the world, we’ve created new structures to communicate and left old structures behind. In many of our offices, we don’t even have a fax machine anymore, and our meetings are held globally on “go to meeting”, MSN or Skype. There’s no fee, it’s incredibly cost effective, and we are all linked together in real time. We have a fan page on Facebook, and our social/global networks are growing in leaps and bounds.

    The economic crisis has forced us to sift through the “excess in corporations” and has summoned us to be streamlined, be accountable and most importantly, to deliver results when we said we would – even when it isn’t easy. What that really translates to is having INTEGRITY in our organizations, with our work, with our word and with our world. When we deliver on promises, things get done. It’s really that simple.

    A global economy means being globally competent, being globally conscious and being leaders in global integrity. Corporate ethics, good governance and excellence standards will pave the way for our future because they call us to be bigger than we have been in the past.

    These are interesting and unprecedented times. In my world, that’s a very good thing because here at The Oil and Gas Magazine, we consider “the world to be our home”.

    Tina Olivero

    30 years ago, Tina Olivero looked into the future and saw an opportunity to make a difference for her province and people. That difference came in the form of the oil and gas sector. Six years before there was even a drop of oil brought to the shores of Newfoundland, she founded The Oil and Gas Magazine (THE OGM) from a back room in her home on Signal Hill Road, in St. John’s, Newfoundland. A single mother, no financing, no previous journalism or oil and gas experience, she forged ahead, with a creative vision and one heck of a heaping dose of sheer determination. With her pioneering spirit, Ms. Olivero developed a magazine that would educate, inspire, motivate and entertain oil and gas readers around the world — She prides herself in marketing and promoting our province and resources in unprecedented ways. The OGM is a magazine that focuses on our projects, our people, our opportunities and ultimately becomes the bridge to new energy outcomes and a sustainable new energy world. Now diversifying into the communications realms, a natural progression from the Magazine, The OGM now offers an entirely new division - Oil & Gas Media. Today, The Oil and Gas Magazine is a global phenomenon that operates not only in Newfoundland, but also in Calgary and is read by oil and gas enthusiasts in Norway, Aberdeen, across the US and as far reaching as Abu Dhabi, in the Middle East. Believing that Energy is everyone’s business, Ms. Olivero has combined energy + culture to embrace the worlds commitment to a balance of work and home life as well as fostering a foundation for health and well being. In this era of growth and development business and lifestyle are an eloquent mix, there is no beginning or end. Partnering with over 90 oil and gas exhibitions and conferences around the world, Ms. Olivero's role as a Global Visionary is to embrace communication in a way that fosters oil and gas business and industry growth in new and creative ways.

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