Samar Al Mafragy

Business Development and Marketing Director, AMS

Samar Al Mafragy was born in Baghdad where she completed her bachelor’s degree in English Arts at the Al Mustansyria University in 1998. Samar is the business development and marketing director for Access Made Safe Scaffolding (AMS), which is considered one of the most professional scaffolding companies in the region following the high British standard of health and safety. She is on the Board of Directors for the Iraqi Business Council in Abu Dhabi, managing the economic committee; a member of the Emirates Business Women Council; a member of the British Business Council in Dubai; and a member of the French Business Council.

Her previous experience in the UAE was with Emirates Marketing and Promotions (EMP), a company which belongs to the Dubai Government. She played an important role in the marketing department of this entity.

She was recognized and awarded in May 2012 as a young woman business leader of the Middle East, an award given by the International Leader Organization. She also received the award of “Professionalism,” which was given by Qatari business women in 2010.

Samar was born to an Arab family, enshrining the cultural heritage values affecting how women are regarded in the region. Although her family motivated her to learn and gain knowledge—they like other Arab families viewed female education as a tool for women to win undemanding jobs in traditional feminine roles. But Samar always believed that Arab women should have outstanding and creative roles. Her belief that any attempt to understand and study social change is only achievable when women are given their rights, as they make up more than half of society. Any consideration of comprehensive development in societies will only happen if women have unconditional inclusion in their societies.

When Samar joined the workforce, she realized that a smart ambitious woman does have the abilities to assume leading roles without the least sense of weakness or inferiority.

Samar takes pride in having such a leading role in a successful British company and uses her background to bring success to the company through her membership with many Arabic and Foreign Councils.

We asked Samar:

The OGM: What does sustainability mean to you?

Samar: It’s everything that we need for our survival and well-being in our physical life. Sustainability creates and maintains the conditions for the human race and nature to exist in a productive harmony and makes sure that we have and will continue to have the means to fulfill the needs of the present and future generations.

The OGM: Have you had a mentor?

Samar: My parents provided me with the tools to be a successful woman through education and guidance. In addition, I have been very fortunate to have a managing director in my work, who motivates me and allows me to contribute at the highest levels.

The OGM: What does success mean to you?

Samar: Success to me means the achievement of something I desire and plan for. Success is not the destination, but the steps we take on the path to our destination. It’s a goal I have set for myself to be an influential and professional Arabic businesswoman in a world largely dominated by men, and I have to work hard to achieve it. When I do achieve success that reflects on me, and that’s what becoming a successful woman is all about.

The OGM: If you were to describe your career in three words what would they be?

Samar: Challenging. Creativity. Planning.

The OGM: What advice would you give to someone looking for a career in the Energy Industry?

Samar: First of all, you have to accept the challenges and deal with the difficult tasks with confidence, and then find opportunities to learn from as many energy professionals as possible.

The OGM: Describe a milestone in your career?

Samar: It would be leading my company to the international markets and enabling its continued success. And gaining enough experience and expertise to be able to lead and mentor anyone who is looking to develop his or her career.

The OGM: Describe a challenge you faced in your career?

Samar: Being a young female working for a professional scaffolding company has been a big challenge for me. It goes beyond femininity and far from my academic studies, but it’s a challenge that I have always welcomed.

The OGM: What impact does Technology have on your career?

Samar: It’s an important part of the work because its enable us to work faster and more efficiently, and it facilitates flexible and remote working.

The OGM: What do the next 5 years look like in your career?

Samar: I would like to see our company Access Made Safe Scaffolding expand its projects throughout the GCC countries and include other countries as well. There will be much work available with a great team and a lot of progress to achieve.

The OGM: What is interesting about your career in energy?

Samar: Working in the energy environment and being part of a growing business within a dynamic market for energy products and services gives me the ambition to learn more.

The OGM: What interests you to sustain a career in the Energy industry?

Samar: Energy is an ever-growing industry sector, and I enjoy the life it creates, and it is satisfying to witness its further growth.

The OGM: Do you have a role model you look up to?

Samar: My role model is anyone who keeps an open mind to ideas and philosophies, so I have had many, but my parents always come to mind. They instilled in me a strong work ethic “to give a good solid day’s work for a good day’s pay.” They taught me to care for others and treat everyone as I would want to be treated, and my dad has taught me to believe in myself and be confident.

The OGM: What does Energy mean to you?

Samar: Briefly, it’s the source that makes life easier and flexible, and it has become now our lifeline.

The OGM: What is your favorite APP on your phone?

Samar: Blackberry Messenger.

The OGM: What impact will the Millennial Generation have on the Energy industry?

Samar: A new generation means new minds, cleaner, and more sustainable sources, and there will be new ideas to implement things. We don’t want to change the basics of life and ways that things have always been done, but we would like to develop and improve on it to leave our fingerprints for the coming generations.

The OGM: What’s your take on Social Media and our ever changing digital world?

Samar: Social media has become an important part of life today, since it affects our lives greatly. It makes the world a village because it keeps the events which are happening around the world up to date and easy to reach for every person ignoring the distances between.

The OGM: What Social Medium do you use on a daily basis?

Samar: I use the radio to listen to the world’s latest news, and I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends.

The OGM: Do you use Social Media for work?

Samar: I don’t use it directly for work, but I do keep alert for news that affects and improves my work.

The OGM: What do you think of Social Recruiting?

Samar: It’s a useful way for job seekers and employers because it gives both the opportunity to find each other in a simpler way without wasting efforts.

The OGM: Why do you love what you do?

Samar: It’s essential to love what you do to make yourself happy and successful, and to give yourself room to acquire more skills. I love what I do in my job and to be the person who others trust. I like my work with social networking, like councils, to be able to understand more about other people and become a more effective person.

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