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Business Development - Intertek Inspection Services

Born and raised on the West Coast of Newfoundland, Falon Gilbert is the Business Development Manager for Intertek Inspection Services in Eastern Canada. A creative and inventive thinker, who craves a challenge and is not afraid to work outside of her comfort zone, Falon is a motivated team player who consistently aims to exceed her customers’ expectations.  Her primary focus is to develop and maintain trusted and reliable relationships with customers throughout Eastern Canada.  Falon’s commitment is seen in her drive to help customers navigate the challenges they face in the energy industry. 

Prior to joining Intertek, Falon began her career in the oil and gas industry as a Supplier Quality Surveillance coordinator for Spectrol Energy Services.  She was given the opportunity to expand into a business development role which quickly led to a management position after just two years in the energy industry.

Falon graduated from the College of the North Atlantic where she studied Industrial Engineering Technology.  With a passion to continuously strive for higher education she is now working toward her Bachelor of Engineering Technology Degree through Memorial University of Newfoundland and plans to complete her Certified Engineering Technologist exam before the end of the year.

Falon is a big supporter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) as well as other animal rights organizations in Newfoundland. She and her husband have three dogs which are a very important part of their lives. She also has a passion for fitness and is currently training with a local fitness group, The BarBELLES, working toward competing in her first fitness competition this year.

The OGM Questions:

The OGM: What does sustainability mean to you?

Falon: Sustainability means the ability to meet our own needs without jeopardizing the potential for future generations to meet their needs.  Sustainability as a “value” is shared by many individuals and organizations who demonstrate this value in their policies, everyday activities and behaviors. Everyone should have basic human rights and access to enough resources in order to keep their families and communities healthy and secure.

The OGM: Have you had a mentor?

Falon: I have had the privilege of encountering many people in my life who have been an inspiration and source of guidance for me. Strong women leaders in the energy industry give me the courage and determination to set bigger goals and work to attain them, regardless of what hurdles I may encounter along the way.

The OGM: What does success mean to you?

Falon: To me, success means working toward my dreams and having the ability to do what I love every day.  It is the sense of accomplishment that comes from challenging myself and moving forward into the next level of success; earning promotions, improving relationships, gaining respect and having a positive outlook on life.  In my role as a Business Development Manager I also find success in meeting the needs of our customers who are looking for quality and safety solutions.

The OGM: If you were to describe your career in 3 words what would they be?

Falon: Challenging, Rewarding, Diverse.

The OGM: What advice would you give someone looking for a career in the energy industry?

Falon: Work hard and follow your instincts. You don’t “break into” the energy industry; you need to acquire a position and work to develop your personal brand. It is important to build your skills every day and focus on making goals and taking the steps to achieve them. Networking is key; get to know people. There is so much to learn from the leaders of the energy industry. Take advantage of that knowledge whenever possible.

The OGM: Describe a milestone in your career.

Falon: Winning my first bid after moving into a business development role. After putting in countless hours and learning the process step by step, it was a major milestone to reach the point that I knew  I was ready for a career in business development.

The OGM: Describe a challenge you faced in your career.

Falon: Moving into a management position so early in my career was challenging. It was a big adjustment, especially when working next to those who have been in the industry for much longer than I have. You have to adapt quickly and face challenges with confidence and determination.

The OGM: What impact has technology had on your career?

Falon: Technology plays a vital role in my career. My job entails that I build relationships with clients throughout Eastern Canada, and without the technology, that would not be possible. Networking, sharing information and strategy building with my colleagues around the globe ensures that I am constantly improving my skills as a Business Development Manager.  Without the use of modern technology that level of communication would not exist.

The OGM: What do the next 5 years look like in your career?

Falon: Over the next 5 years, I plan to continue developing my skills as a Business Development Manager.  My goal is to work toward a bigger role in my company and eventually work my way into an executive position in the energy industry. I will finish my degree and continue to advance my education.  After completion of my Bachelor’s Degree, I intend to work toward a Master’s Degree in Engineering and Applied Science Technology.

The OGM: Were you always interested in an energy career?

Falon: Not always.  After graduating high school, my initial goal was to work in the medical industry. I started working toward a degree in Psychology and realized that it was not something I was passionate about. At that time, the oil and gas industry was beginning to boom in Newfoundland. The whole industry was so interesting and exciting. I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of.

The OGM: What interests you to sustain a career in the energy industry?

Falon: The energy industry is ever-changing; with the advancements in technology and the offshore oil and gas continuously expanding in Newfoundland, there are so many opportunities to learn new and exciting things.

The OGM: Do you have a role model that you look up to?

Falon: There have been many influential people in my life that have given me the support and guidance that helped shape the person I am today.  If I had to choose just one it would have to be my grandmother.  She is one of the strongest and kindest women I have ever known. She puts others before herself and has always taught me to take pride in everything I do.

The OGM: What does energy mean to you?

Falon: Energy is our future. As we continue to work towards sustainable and long-term energy solutions, we will open the doors to future opportunities and growth for generations to come.

The OGM: What is your favorite App on your phone?

Falon: There are many apps that I use on a daily basis, but my favorite would have to be My Fitness Pal.  I use it to track my caloric intake each day and it helps keep me on track with my fitness training.

The OGM: What impact will the Millennial Generation have on the energy industry?

Falon: As customers, employers and policymakers, our generation has the potential to steer the industry in a way that can bolster the economy and the environment while simultaneously doing good at every step along the way. Coming of age at a time of great technological advancement has given us a different set of behaviors and experiences than our parents. I believe the Millennial Generation will have a very positive impact on the energy industry.

The OGM: What is your take on social media and our ever changing digital world?

Falon: Social media has become the means by which we build relationships, share information and communicate with family and friends across the globe.  The networking capabilities and ease of communication are sometimes taken for granted. We have the ability to meet new people, construct relationships and share our views and ideas….personally, I believe social media has become the voice of our generation.

The OGM: What social medium do you use on daily basis?

Falon: I use both LinkedIn and Facebook on a daily basis.  LinkedIn is essential for making connections in the industry, especially as a Business Development Manager. Facebook helps keep me connected with friends and family that I don’t get to see often.

Do you use social media for work?

Falon: Yes, I frequently use LinkedIn to connect with new clients and colleagues from around the globe.

The OGM: What do you think of Social Recruiting?

Falon: I think social recruiting is essential if you want to be aggressive and seek out the best talent for the job.  Through the use of social recruiting, companies are able to address high volume and part-time hiring needs while reducing costs.

The OGM: Why do you love what you do?

Falon: I am driven to be the best at what I do, and behind that drive is a great passion for my career.  I have endless opportunities to develop my skills, take on interesting projects and work with people I can really learn from.  I set new goals for myself every day and I firmly believe that I will continue to advance and excel in the energy industry. 


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