Safety Featured Stories:

    • A Grounded Approach Expands Offshore Operations

      by Kirk Stead

      DOF Subsea Canada is part of the DOF Group of companies ­operating within three different segments in ­relation to strategic activities and vessel types: Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel (AHTS) Construction Support Vessel/Subsea ROV Vessel (CSV) Headquartered in Bergen, the DOF Subsea Group employs in excess of 1400 highly qualified staff, […]

    • Project Risk Reduction – Expecting The Unexpected

      by Rod Knox

      The typical project lifecycle is ­composed of solid financial ­decision-making, superior ­technical design concepts, rigorous construction ­programs, planning, and execution. ­However, project teams often underestimate the ­impact of decision-making during ­development ­phases in terms of how project risk is ­significantly increased and pre-operational value is lost. It is suggested that the transition from ­construction to commissioning […]

    • Safety: A Relentless Pursuit

      by Larry Vodden

      Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) in the oil and gas industry consist of the three most crucial factors in sustaining business. As a HSE professional, my thoughts revolve around splitting safety into two categories: small safety and big safety. Small safety refers to incidents and injuries that affect only one or two people, while incidents […]

    • Technical Rope and Safety

      by Tina Olivero

      Technical rope & ­rescue inc. (trr) offers work-safe ­solutions for clients who are ­exposed to risky situations beyond the norm. These are ­situations where access may seem impractical or impossible, such as working at heights, ­entering confined spaces, and handling ­hazardous materials. Trr’s innovative solutions for hard-to-­handle ­situations have led them to work with some […]

    • Offshore Safety: Maersk’s Global Standards

      by Lisbeth Nedergaard

      Chris Bailey, managing director of Maersk Supply Service in Canada, maintains a clear focus on safety. Always. “Safety is a core value for the entire company. We make a very conscious effort to improve our daily safety, because working offshore can be challenging. Furthermore, we operate in a part of the world where weather conditions […]

    • Fire-resistant Workwear

      by Liane Angerman, Associate Editor

      Keeping your crew safe from burn injuries and fatalities is paramount to the success of any ­project. As peter clark of apparel solutions international, inc., In edmonton, ab, states, “effective safety ­programs should always aim at eliminating and engineering out the hazard or risk” within a susceptible work ­environment. However, when it is not possible […]

    • Leading the Industry Standard in a Vacuum…

      by Liane Angerman, Associate Editor

      When industrial spills happen on an overwhelming scale, such as the one along Russia’s Angara River last year, what becomes essential is how the industry manages disasters like these. Following such profound incidents and subsequent implications not only is the clean up process crucial, but also episodes like this become the platforms whereby new standards […]

    • How Clean is Your Air?

      by Liane Angerman, Associate Editor

      The state of health of your work environment equates to the state of health of your company. A close examination of the air you breathe within your workspace may expose some major concerns and potential threats to those who work there and ultimately to the success of your project. “Healthy indoor air is recognized as […]

    • Dogs on Drugs

      by Tina Olivero

      Did you know … 77 percent of drug users are employed on a job site? Addicted workers cost 300 percent more in benefits, are absent 16 times more often, and are one-third less productive than non-addicted workers? 47 percent of workplace accidents resulting in serious injury are caused by substance abusers? 40 percent of workplace […]

    • Paradigm Shifts and Changing Gears

      by Rod Knox

      Choosing to Lead or Manage “The management methodologies that helped to ­develop ­organizations in the past are no longer adequate or fully ­sustainable. Achieving world-class success in an ever-changing business environment requires a new breed of leadership.” Becoming a better manager is primarily about honing your craft—creating processes of communication, organization, and ­interaction that allow […]

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