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    • OSP LifeCheck Technology Supports Corrosion Analysis

      by Stan Leong

      A unique case study featuring OSP technology is highlighted in the June issue of the Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT). The case study outlines a series of coiled tubing (CT) string failures experienced by a major Canadian service provider in the Montney formation in northeastern British Columbia. “The strings were failing well below their expected […]

    • $2.1 billion contract awarded to TransCanada in Mexico

      by Tina Olivero

      TransCanada has already become one of the topmost leaders in the energy sector in North America with more than 65 years of experience. This portfolio is set to expand with it acquiring the contract for the building, owning and operation of the Sur De Texas-Tuxpan pipeline for natural gas, worth $2.1 billion. The Project The […]

    • Tina Olivero: Unbiased Media Emerging

      by Tina Olivero

      With all the drama and negativity in the news these days it’s really hard to believe what you watch on TV as being the “truth”. My life doesn’t look like that. Does yours? The news is saturated in sensationalism. It’s a sponge for controversial topics. It has a never-ending hunger of demise that feeds on […]

    • What’s up with the Keystone XL Pipeline?

      by Kalysha Snow

      It has been almost seven years since the TransCanada Corporation first applied for a permit to expand its existing Keystone oil pipeline — because of this, Canadian and US relations have been strained and the TransCanada Corporation is becoming impatient while waiting for a final decision. What is the Keystone XL Pipeline? This extension on […]

    • Invited to the Table: Energy East Pipeline Feeds a Nation

      by Liane Angerman, Associate Editor

      Nothing could be more exciting for Canada than learning that one of North America’s leading energy infrastructure companies has invited all its citizens to share in the benefits of its most ambitious pipeline project to date. On August 1, 2013, TransCanada announced its intent to build the Energy East Pipeline, a $12-billion project that will […]

    • Unlocking The Keystone XL

      by Norman Leach

      Approval of the construction for the Keystone XL Pipeline, by President Obama, would send a clear message to Venezuela that there are alternatives to Latin American oil and that those alternatives are close at hand. In early July, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, thumbing his nose at the United States in his best Chavez fashion, offered […]

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