Oil Sands Featured Stories:

    • Time To Stand Up & Speak Out

      by Cody Battershill

      It has become evident that access to global markets and global prices for Canadian resources is no longer a given or a guarantee.  Other countries can break ground on new pipelines in less than 1/4 of the time we spend just talking about certain pipeline projects. The coordinated effort to disrupt and reduce Canada’s resource […]

    • How Much Water Is Used In The Alberta Oil Sands?

      by Mark Young

      It is no secret that to produce any oil from an oil sands project, you need water and lots of it. To create the steam needed to extract oil in oil sands projects, operators mainly recycle water that has already been used in the project over and over again. When this amount of water isn’t […]

    • Social License = Benefit

      by Cody Battershill

      The term “social license” is thrown around loosely nowadays in reference to new Canadian infrastructure projects. If you ask me, the conversation needs to be about the social benefits that natural resources bring to this country and our economy, as well as the tremendous opportunity for continued prosperity into the future. Today there are over […]

    • #Energyliteracy – Canada Takes A High Position In Energy

      by Cody Battershill

      By the time you’re done reading this paragraph, the world will have used an olympic-sized swimming pool of oil, and, by the time today ends,the world will have consumed a staggering 92,000,000 barrels of oil (IEA). World demand is forecasted to reach 110,000,000 barrels of oil per day 20 years from now. Currently, Canada supplies […]

    • Oil Sands Safety Practices

      by Moona Khan

      Over the next 25 years, the economic contribution from the Canadian oil sands is estimated to reach over 2.1 trillion dollars, injecting its effects nationally as well as internationally across north america. As a key driving force, the impact of the heavy crude industry will reach nearly every region in Canada through job creation and […]

    • Image and Reality – Tailings Ponds:

      by Sanjay Patel

      Oil sands tailings ponds have received a great deal of media attention in connection with two types of environmental problems: how they impact ecosystems while active, and whether or when the land they occupy will be reclaimed. The media hype and distortion have had serious—and unfair—consequences for the industry’s image. This has made it difficult […]

    • GHG Emissions – Canadian Oil Sands Industry

      by Sanjay Patel

      The Canadian oil sands have significant potential and are, by far, one of the best options for meeting growing world oil demand. However, further development of this large resource faces a number of challenges. Perhaps the most damaging is the image of oil sands as a source of “dirty oil.” This is not a trivial […]

    • Canadian Oilsands: What, Where, And How?

      by Sanjay Patel

      Despite much wishful thinking to the contrary, the world’s economies rely heavily on oil and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future. Although there has been some limited progress in obtaining energy from new and renewable sources, we continue to consume oil at a rate that has never been higher, and every year […]

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