Oil Sands Featured Stories:

    • Smart, Creative and Business Savvy: These Women are Leading the Way in Alberta

      by Moona Khan

      These women have excelled in a variety of roles from Business Development to Operations Engineering. They encompass traits that can be found in successful leaders including determination, vision and a strong will to lead. But most importantly, they inspire other woman to take risks, pursue challenges and professional success along with individual fulfillment. “It becomes […]

    • Time To Stand Up & Speak Out

      by Cody Battershill

      It has become evident that access to global markets and global prices for Canadian resources is no longer a given or a guarantee.  Other countries can break ground on new pipelines in less than 1/4 of the time we spend just talking about certain pipeline projects. The coordinated effort to disrupt and reduce Canada’s resource […]

    • How Much Water Is Used In The Alberta Oil Sands?

      by Mark Young

      It is no secret that to produce any oil from an oil sands project, you need water and lots of it. To create the steam needed to extract oil in oil sands projects, operators mainly recycle water that has already been used in the project over and over again. When this amount of water isn’t […]

    • Social License = Benefit

      by Cody Battershill

      The term “social license” is thrown around loosely nowadays in reference to new Canadian infrastructure projects. If you ask me, the conversation needs to be about the social benefits that natural resources bring to this country and our economy, as well as the tremendous opportunity for continued prosperity into the future. Today there are over […]