Exploration & Production Featured Stories:

    • The True Cost of Burning Oil

      by Gina Gill

      There is this universal belief that we adopt as a means of survival, it goes something like this, “that could never happen to us”. And so we go on with our days thinking that we have endless resources and the impacts of our actions won’t really harm us. But that’s not true. What we really […]

    • 7 Things You Must Know About the Price of Oil

      by Tina Olivero

      Crude oil is the composition of million year-old treasures beneath the earth. It is the worlds most primary and lucrative resource on the planet. Crude oil can generate heat, drive machinery, fuel vehicles and airplanes and it moves the world forward into the future. Crude oil components are used to manufacture almost all chemical products, […]

    • Well Optimization with Ambyint Game Changer

      by Nav Dhunay

      Disruptors are everywhere. Much like the 1960’s we are aggravated by the status quo. This mediocrity is demanding new thinking, new freedoms, and new action. The technology innovators of today are restless and looking to disturb, disassemble and reinvent the systems that are not the best, most efficient, or sustainable for the future. Using technology […]

    • Offshore Newfoundland – Bigger And Brighter Than You Could Imagine!

      by Danielle Larmon

      As of late, the media is saying a lot about Newfoundland and Labrador in regards to the oil and gas industry.  Headlines have been heralding the end of the province’s golden age of production for months.  Don Mills, CEO of Corporate Research Associates, was quoted by CBC in the beginning of May as saying, “People are a […]

    • How Tall are the World’s Largest Offshore Oil Structures?

      by Greg Fisher

      The worlds largest superstructures are probably not what you think.  They aren’t buildings and they aren’t towers, they are offshore engineering feats like no other, on the planet. This infographic gives you the visual understanding of the true nature of our castles in the sea.  The most significant engineering feats in the world belong to […]

    • 6 Key Energy Communities You Need to Know

      by Aaryn Lambert

      1. Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers CAPP is directed by a Board of Governors that sets priorities for staff and committees. The board includes a full-time president, a volunteer chairman and 30 volunteer governors. Each represents member companies at the chief executive officer level. Learn more at www.capp.ca

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