Exploration & Production Featured Stories:

    • Exploration and Production Adventures with Tony Morley – Running From Wolves

      by Tony Morley

      Nearly all drilling and petroleum ­production can trace its findings to the field work of the seismic crew. The seismic crew is the ­underappreciated, underpaid, little runt ­brother of the big drilling family that quietly works away to discover our future oil fields. After collecting my paycheck years ago for a month long tour in […]

    • Natural Gas Markets

      by Liane Angerman, Associate Editor

      Canada’s natural gas industry has been in a state of transition with a ­domestic oversupply of the ­commodity and historically low prices. In recent years, sweeping technological advancements have allowed producers to unlock natural gas from unconventional reservoirs, such as tight-rock and shale formations. The resulting oversupply from this unlocked abundance of the resource has […]

    • Westshore Arctic: Strategic Players in the Arctic

      by Tina Olivero

      Petroleum exploration in the Arctic is more technically challenging than any other environment in the world – because of its remote location and severe weather conditions. However,  with increases in technology and continuing high oil prices, the region is now receiving the interest of petroleum pioneers around the globe. There are 19 geological basins that make up the […]

    • Saskatchewan: Recording Highest Growth Rates In Canada

      by Tina Olivero

      Saskatchewan is blessed with many natural resources: abundant energy supplies, diverse mineral deposits and a large, rich land base that continues to grow high-quality grains and oilseeds. Saskatchewan continues to produce a large surplus of food and energy, supporting the world with it’s demand. The leadership and government of Saskatchewan are doing a really good job! They have identified four key areas of importance for […]

    • A Northern Light: Norway Market Report

      by William Stoichevski

      Norway’s North Sea, Norwegian Sea, and Barents Sea are together the world’s most capital- intense oil-gas market. A fifth straight record year of investment is forecast here, and exciting new discoveries include the biggest oilfield found anywhere in 2010. New Arctic finds are enticing newcomer oil companies, and the barometers of industry health, like drill rigs, point to growth in this oil-rich land […]

    • Exploration And Production Adventures With Tony Morley – Drilling In The Jungles Of PNG

      by Tony Morley

      I’ve just landed and stepped down onto the baking heat of the black tarmac at Jackson International Airport here in PNG. This country is the site of a new resource battleground, where western exploration comes head-to-head with traditional villagers, and the middle ground is a work in progress. The country sits atop some of the most favorable geology in the world, rich […]