Drilling Featured Stories:

    • Digging Downward Going Forward – The Ever-increasing Innovation of Oil Drilling Techniques

      by Tom Smith

      When we think of oil drilling, we generally imagine a pipe in some warm country, being bored straight downward into the ground, ending in a crude oil reservoir. In many cases this is true, and has been since the earliest recorded wells in 3rd century China. However, drilling technologies are changing at a pace commensurate with other 21st […]

    • TAM International

      TAM International Exposé

      One of the leaders in overcoming downhole challenges in the oil and gas sector is TAM International. TAM International focuses on inflatable packers, swellable packers, and other downhole needs to provide safe and efficient solutions for drilling and completion, well intervention, unconventional resources, and reservoir optimization applications. TAM International is a privately held company that […]

    • The National Drilling Company of Abu Dhabi

      by Igor Jukov

      An Arabic Symbol of Excellence This summer the Emirate of Abu-Dhabi captured headlines around the world as they started to export oil through the $4.2 billion pipeline, which bypasses the Strait of Hormuz. The successful initiative came to fruition with the National Drilling Company (NDC) playing a leading role in the development of the country’s petroleum industry. As the largest drilling firm in the Arab […]

    • Deep Panuke Project Update

      by Aaryn Lambert

      Profile EnCana’s Deep Panuke project involves the installation of facilities required to produce and process natural gas from the Deep Panuke field, approximately 250 kilometers (155 miles) southeast of Halifax, Nova Scotia on the Scotian Shelf. Natural gas from Deep Panuke will be processed offshore and transported, via subsea pipeline, to Goldboro, Nova Scotia, for […]

    • Alberta’s 20-Year Plan for the Oil Sands in Action:

      by Aaryn Lambert

      The oil sands are an integral part of Alberta, now and in the future. The Alberta government is committed to developing this resource responsibly and sustainably. In 2009, the Alberta government developed a 20-year strategic plan called “Responsible Actions: A Plan for Alberta’s Oil Sands,” which will ensure that Alberta’s leading resource will provide secure, reliable energy to Canada and […]

    • EcoScope Technology Advances Drilling Offshore Newfoundland

      by Shane Halley

      (Photo: The EcoScope multifunction LWD service provides a full suite of measurements for productive drilling to put wells in the best place in less time.) Schlumberger has been providing services to oil and gas companies offshore Newfoundland for over a decade. These services fall into three main groups: directional drilling (DD) for steering the drill bit through […]

    • Pushing the Boundaries with Oilfield Tractors

      by Aaryn Lambert

      As extended reach drilling (ERD) sets new records with improved equipment and science, so is the technology surrounding the intervention side of the business evolving. For example, Schlumberger is breaking new grounds with wireline tractors and mechanical services. Schlumberger TuffTRAC* casedhole- services tractor enabled a Canadian major E&P operator to accomplish all intervention objectives, and […]

    • The Future of Flowassurance

      by Charles Benson

      Flow assurance in the oil and gas industry is vital to successful delivery of each and every field development, from first oil to cessation of operations. Optimizing operating costs, maximizing productive time and mitigating process failures are key deliverables. Forecasting the future is rather more difficult but several factors are certain: Demand for oil and […]

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