Drilling Featured Stories:

    • Pushing the Boundaries with Oilfield Tractors

      by Aaryn Lambert

      As extended reach drilling (ERD) sets new records with improved equipment and science, so is the technology surrounding the intervention side of the business evolving. For example, Schlumberger is breaking new grounds with wireline tractors and mechanical services. Schlumberger TuffTRAC* casedhole- services tractor enabled a Canadian major E&P operator to accomplish all intervention objectives, and […]

    • The Future of Flowassurance

      by Charles Benson

      Flow assurance in the oil and gas industry is vital to successful delivery of each and every field development, from first oil to cessation of operations. Optimizing operating costs, maximizing productive time and mitigating process failures are key deliverables. Forecasting the future is rather more difficult but several factors are certain: Demand for oil and […]

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