Sydney Ryan and Cindy Roma Co-CEO, Telelink

Sydney Ryan & Cindy Roma

Co-CEOs of Telelink

With a team of 170 people, Telelink’s vision is to be the #1 global provider of managed communication and monitoring services for the energy sector. Telelink supports energy players with specialized emergency and safety solutions and has built an infrastructure that allows them to focus on the monitoring of data between people, processes, and assets.

In October of 2014, Telelink’s owners Cindy and Sydney graciously accepted the EY Entrepreneurs of The Year Award for Information Technology advancement. Sydney said, “EY truly was an honour just to be nominated and to be in such company. For me, it was confirmation that we really are doing innovative things. As well it reinforced that we have built a great team to make our vision a reality. We have a dedicated team of professionals that work tirelessly to uphold our reputation as best-in-class service providers and grow our business within North America and beyond. We are very proud of them.”

Cindy’s response to the award was summed up like this, “winning the EY Award can only be described as a gobsmacking experience. We really don’t look up enough from the day- to-day work to actually look at what we have accomplished, so it was very humbling when we heard our name called. One of the most powerful moments for me was standing on stage with all the other award winners and realizing that we were the only women. I certainly am in no way a feminist, but being a woman that day gave me an extra sense of pride.”

“Staying attuned to our clients’ needs is a top priority and has been a driving force behind our success of Telelink for nearly 50 years.” Their involvement in the oil and gas industry is a direct result of listening, understanding, and responding to the needs of customers. Initially, Telelink started with front-office and emergency response support for a handful of companies in the industry but today the energy sector is Telelink’s biggest growth area.

“In the beginning, keeping track of people when travelling was a market-driven solution. Customers were being given top-down directive to develop and implement Journey Management programs to ensure the safety of people when travelling. With automobile collisions as the number one cause of work-place fatalities in the oil and gas sector, protecting employees and reducing claims was a top priority at many of their customer organizations. With so many companies in the energy sector being ill-equipped to support a Journey Management program in-house, it was a natural fit for Telelink.

Since 2009, Telelink has managed over 3 million journeys on behalf of some of the continent’s largest Oil and Gas and field service companies. That took vision, leadership and a powerful team to execute the plan. Cindy says, “We believe the top leadership skills are that you need to be a visionary and you need to have the ability to execute a vision. A leader possessing both of those skills is usually a rare find; we are blessed that as Co-CEOs we are each heavily weighted in one of those two strengths. Sydney follows her family roots as a true visionary and I am a lifelong executer. This combination of skills has allowed Telelink to flourish with balanced strategic thinking and compassion that fosters a magnetic culture.”

Sydney explains Telelink’s long standing corporate consciousness, “Telelink is a proud Newfoundland-owned and operated company that will celebrate its 50th Anniversary in 2015. Our roots in this community go back decades and really underpin who we are as an organization. Our “Culture Club” drives community involvement that encompasses both outreach, the community outside Telelink, as well as in-reach support of our community inside Telelink. Our Outreach work includes support of the Janeway Telethon, Stella’s Circle, St. John’s Women’s Shelter, Seniors Resource Centre, Winterset Literary Festival, Newfoundland Youth Symphony Youth Orchestra, Ronald McDonald House and many more. Our in-reach work includes numerous initiatives to support the health, happiness, and general wellbeing of our Telelink family. Community means everything to us.”

Telelink excels in their flexibility to offer customized solutions and find answers for client needs in new and creative ways. Cindy is excited about the future, “Recently Telelink customers have told us that our support is needed on an international level and that what we offer is important to their success. Accordingly, we’ve secured international partnerships and have put the infrastructure in place to make it happen.” With technology advancing at the rate it is, Telelink has only touched the surface of what’s possible in the world of monitoring and safety.


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    • Lisa Myles

      Ohhhhhh this is so AWESOME!!!!!! I worked with Sydney Ryan years ago! I remember when she interviewed me for my first job with her company! I knew then that she was gonna be a STAR! What a fabulous lady. I was full of admiration then, and I am no surprised at all that she is making her way right to the Top! Absolutely fabulous! I remember my Interview with her…she told me that I had a DYNAMIC personality! I will never forget that; and, I will never forget how AWESOME it was to be a small part of her TEAM! Cheers to you Syd Ryan. Love you….with a Passion. ~ Lisa Myles ~

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