Darsell Karringten - Founder, Absolute Combustion International Inc.

Darsell Karringten

Founder, Absolute Combustion International Inc.

A special tribute to this great visionary’s life and his contribution to the world.

It’s the great inventors of this world that bring us into the future. It’s the innovative thinkers that find the ways of improving and performing in more sustainable ways. It’s because of those creative thinkers that we have technology advancement and the comforts and progress of the world around us today. We are grateful!

Darsell Karringten was one of those people. A visionary ahead of his time, he sought out ways to make the world a better place. As a native Albertan, Darsell chose to commit a large portion his life to the progress and success of the oil and gas industry. Just recently Darsell departed this world, but with his passing he left a legacy in both his family and his inventions as his great contribution to the world. We were devastated by the news that this great visionary’s life ended long before expected and also just at the time when his invention was being successfully introduced into the market.

After many years of success in business development, Darsell matured to become not only a leader but great parent and grandfather. He said that becoming a grandparent made him start asking different questions about how he could make a contribution to the future. He asked life-altering questions like, “what is my legacy?”, and “what can I develop that will be sustainable for my kids and grandkids?” As he asked these questions, the answers came in the form of a dream that would change the way the oil industry works. The very next morning, Darsell sketched out what would be a revolutionizing technology designed to be the world’s cleanest burner technology. And that’s how the story begins…

What we can say about Darsell was that he was sincere and had great intentions. He loved music and played in a band in his early days. He was a Motown hipster with a groove for life.
He loved his family unabashedly, and he invented something that will revolutionize the oil and gas industry–the flameless efficient burner.

Darsell Karringten was the founder of Absolute Combustion International Inc. (ACI) and first named inventor of the Absolute Extreme BurnerTM. A revolutionary, low-emission combustion burner system, it increases the energy efficiency of process heating and drastically reduces the emissions of multiple harmful pollutants.

Significant reductions of NOx and CO2 and the total elimination of Carbon Monoxide gases demonstrates that an unmistakable breakthrough has occurred.

Nearly two-thirds of global energy consumption is accounted for by the combustion of hydrocarbon and fossil fuels in burners, boilers, and turbines. These systems are used to provide heat for all manners of industrial processes and for building heat.

The practical oilfield applications for the burner technology ACI is implementing are in heavy oil production for separators and treaters, line heaters, refinery process, OTSG, and SAGD.

Today the burner is now being implemented, tested, and measured at an undisclosed CRNL site in Alberta in concert with an Alberta government initiative that was created to bring promising new technologies to market.

We expect it to be integrated into the energy industry in the near future at a cost effective and environmentally friendly standard for burner technology.

Because of the adaptability of the ACI burner, there are few markets that will not benefit from the technology. Currently, there is global interest covering applications such as desalination, greenhouses, heat treating, electrical power generation, and commercial and residential heating.

The company is also entertaining research and development requests to move the technology from gaseous fuels to liquid, crude oil, and powdered fuels as well as using its novel features to allow the design and fabrication of heat transfer devices that would not have been possible with legacy technology.

Now at the helm of Absolute combustion is Darsell’s Daughter Koleya Karringten. She is the new CEO and the torch bearer of Darsell’s vision as the company prepares to enter the market. While it’s sad to see Darsell go, we are excited about the future and the impact that the Absolute Burner will have on lowering costs and heightening efficiencies in our oil and gas plays. We also know that the world will be a greener place without burner emissions.

In this light, we support Koleya in her journey with the Absolute Burner and all its applications into market. We know Darsell is watching over us all, and we also know that this is all a part of life’s rich pattern.


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Tina Olivero

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