Fashion Featured Stories:

    • Diamond Dilemma

      by Linita E. Mathew

      He sat on the edge of the bench, palms sweaty, a weight in the pit of his stomach. He sat on the cold bench staring at the city’s most prominent jewellery store which lay just a few steps in front of him. Slowly he inhaled as he pondered the most important decision of his life. […]

    • An Element of Ebel

      by Linita E. Mathew

      The four classical elements that reside in the external world are: air, water, fire, and earth. In their natural states, these elements are said to compose all of life and bring balance to the environment. When balance is needed externally, it must be provided internally as well. As such, there are two transparent elements that […]

    • 21st Century Gentleman [Business Travel Essentials]

      by Liane Angerman, Associate Editor

      Minimize the stresses of your next business trip by simplifying the packing process. The following tips from Jordan Singer of Henry Singer in Calgary and Edmonton will help you organize and maximize your packing space and clothing wearability for a brief business trip. Your chosen suit should be easy-care and garner a temperature-equalizing fabric, such […]

    • 21st Century Gentleman

      by Jordan Singer

      (Above:  Jordan Singer, President Henry Singer. Pocket Squares: Etro, Wallets: Prada, Hugo Boss, Socks: Ted Baker, Tie Bars: Hugo Boss, Cuff Links: Hugo Boss, Henrysinger.com) Women have no shortage of accessories to choose from when getting dressed. This is why it’s essential for men to embrace the few we have and celebrate them. ACCESSORIES are very important for a man to […]

    • The 21st Century Gentleman

      by Liane Angerman, Associate Editor

      (Above: Sancho Salan Bengoechea, Country Manager – Tecnicas Reunidas. Suit, Tie, and Belt by Canali, Shirt by Eton and Shoes by Cole Haan. HenrySinger.com) “The 21st Century Gentleman” series will showcase leading fashions and provide you with tips from experts aimed to maximize both your style impact and investment value. Jordan Singer, President of Henry Singer Fashion Group suggests, “Every man should […]

    • Watch Out

      by Liane Angerman, Associate Editor

      Haute Horlogerie: An Intrinsic Movement. The world of Haute Horlagerie confronted me at a recent corporate golf event. My Android battery had passed away in the depths of my pocket somewhere between the twelfth and thirteenth hole. “How much time ’til dinner?” I asked the VP of Marketing beside me at the bar. He held his wrist towards […]