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    • Series 3 – Results

      by Anurag Gupta

      Are you truly interested in new results? Today, I am committed to getting across to you the simplest principle that takes the least resources and makes the most practical real world impact in your business. Applying it will require doing some new things and, for most, getting out of your comfort zone. And, of course, […]

    • Series 2 – Intention

      by Anurag Gupta

      Whatever your “true” intention is … is what “truly” happens! First, I am going to start with deepening your understanding about “intention” to really get across the importance of intention and leave you with a clear understanding of how it works. Let’s start with an example of intention. Let’s say that a senior partner of […]

    • Series 1 – Architecture Environment Design

      by Anurag Gupta

      Who the heck is Anurag Gupta? The founder of the difference engine (.ca) and a rabble rouser who gets 40k a day for his consulting services. Canadian Business Superstar, Chip Wilson, founder of  Lululemon, (look it up if you don’t already know the story) says: “Anurag’s quality of work and effectiveness is awesome and the return on investment is unequaled.” […]

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