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Resource Exploration Consultant, Adventurer, Explorer, Resource Photographer & Journalist Tony Morley is a remote exploration HSE and Logistics consultant specializing in mining and petroleum; he is also a dedicated resource photographer and journalist. He is deeply passionate about the natural sciences, geology, exploration and resource development. He is a regular contributor to resources magazines including The OGM, Oil & Gas Magazine.
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Recent Activity

  • Arckaringa Basin

    Arckaringa Basin

    Tuesday, 1 Apr 2014 | by Tony Morley It would have been nearly impossible to predict that this visit to the desert would yield anything abnormal, anything significant. This was intended to be a routine field deployment. I had not the...
  • Remote Exploration

    Remote Exploration: A Journey to Success

    Saturday, 4 Jan 2014 | by Tony Morley The landscape of resource exploration has changed dramatically over the last ten years. Projects that were previously deemed impossible have been made possible, and the industry has literally...
  • Papua New Guinea Energy Industry

    Working Safely in the Jungle

    Wednesday, 18 Sep 2013 | by Tony Morley I have traveled into the tropics enough for others to suspect that i would be sufficiently adapted to the heat. However, as an anglo-saxon with a cold-weather adapted set of genetics and a...
  • Chinchilla, Queensland Drilling

    Technology’s Unstoppable Thrust

    Tuesday, 4 Jun 2013 | by Tony Morley Exploration and Production Adventures with Tony Morley. It is three in the morning—and I awake to the cool night air of the outback. The nights in the outback always dip sharply into the cool side...
  • Tony Morley

    Exploration and Production Adventures with Tony Morley – Running From Wolves

    Wednesday, 3 Apr 2013 | by Tony Morley Nearly all drilling and petroleum ­production can trace its findings to the field work of the seismic crew. The seismic crew is the ­underappreciated, underpaid, little runt ­brother of the big...
  • Papua new guinea oil production

    Exploration And Production Adventures With Tony Morley – Drilling In The Jungles Of PNG

    Tuesday, 4 Dec 2012 | by Tony Morley I’ve just landed and stepped down onto the baking heat of the black tarmac at Jackson International Airport here in PNG. This country is the site of a new resource battleground, where western...
  • Australian Outback Drilling

    Exploration & Production Adventures with Tony Morley – Drilling in the Australian Outback

    Friday, 23 Nov 2012 | by Tony Morley The Cooper Basin is a desert like no other; it’s not the hottest or the driest. What it is, however, is truly enormous—on a scale that’s nearly unimaginable. Flying over the vast Australian...

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