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  • college-of-the-north-atlantic

    College of the North Atlantic

    Sunday, 5 Jan 2014 | by Tanya Alexander The year 2013 has been a golden one for College of the North Atlantic (CNA) as it reached the 50-year mark of offering responsive, industry-driven vocational and post-secondary education in...
  • students at CNA-Q

    Bioprospecting Unearths Remarkable Project In The Middle East

    Tuesday, 4 Dec 2012 | by Tanya Alexander Above: Carla Eskow and Keith Williams, background from left, worked with a group of their students at CNA-Q to create From Acacia to Ziziphus: Arabian Plants to Nourish the Body and Earth. The group...
  • Ovaise Murtuza, left, Mayor Dennis O’Keefe

    Qatar and Canada Partner for a Sustainable World

    Tuesday, 5 Jun 2012 | by Tanya Alexander (First slideshow image above: Engineering technology instructor Ovaise Murtuza, left, demonstrates his intuitive traffic light technology to St. John’s, Newfoundland, Mayor Dennis O’Keefe during...
  • Hege Marie Norheim, senior VP of Statoil Norway

    Fueling the Future: The Power of Diversity

    Monday, 20 Jun 2011 | by Tanya Alexander The air was electric at the St. John’s Convention Centre the morning of March 8, when the doors swung open for the first international Fueling the Future: Women in Oil and Gas conference. Nearly...
  • Qatar Culture - College of the North Atlantic

    When Cultures Connect: The Story of College of the North Atlantic in Qatar

    Monday, 20 Jun 2011 | by Tanya Alexander If you had heard a decade ago that Newfoundland and Labrador’s public education system would be teaching the labour force of an Arab nation to process oil and natural gas, you might have thought...