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  • Hydroelectric Power

    The Lower Churchill Project – More Than a Renewable Power Source

    Thursday, 4 Apr 2013 | by Samantha Martin The possibilities of hydroelectric power ­generation for the Lower Churchill River in Labrador have long been contemplated, and more recently debated. After moving out of the planning phase and...
  • What Were You Thinking?

    Wednesday, 3 Apr 2013 | by Samantha Martin Moving Beyond the Safety Plateau Begins With a Decision To Do So. Joe White is a seasoned safety professional with more than 20 years of experience in the field. As a Business Process Consultant at...
  • ARGO F*** Yourself

    Wednesday, 3 Apr 2013 | by Samantha Martin Based on a true story, ARGO is a movie about a movie – and a whole lot more. Set in Iran during the 1979 hostage crisis, this CIA ­socio-political drama represents a time of foreign oil...
  • The Artists Corner

    Wednesday, 4 Apr 2012 | by Samantha Martin Featuring the artwork of Keli-Ann Pye-Beshara If these structures could talk… The history of a city, the energy within a structure, the deep colours of a landscape’s mood often can’t be...

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