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    Changing Waste For Good: In Newfoundland

    by Tina Olivero

    When most people think about Newfoundland’s offshore oil and gas industry, they likely focus on exciting ventures into exploration, capital investment or production volumes. Drill mud and other industrial wastes aren’t usually top of mind; they don’t seem to capture as much imagination. Unless you work for Terrapure Environmental, in which case the opposite is […]

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    This Island, This Ocean, This Life

    by Tina Olivero

    Marystown Marbase Facility will service the aquaculture industry with a ‘one-of-a-kind’ operation that will support the farmers in the region.

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    Google: The People, Products & Figures Behind the Web’s Biggest Business

    by Emily Henderson

    Google. You know the name, you know the company – it’s even become a verb at this point. Everyone understands when you tell them to ‘Google’ it. The company is a real anomaly. It has almost no physical product to sell; there are only about one hundred thousand employees, yet it’s the fourth biggest company […]

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    OIL TANKER SIMULATOR: Donated by Teekay to MI

    by Tina Olivero

    The Centre for Marine Simulation at the Marine Institute received a welcome gift from Teekay (Atlantic) Management ULC. Teekay donated a ship bridge simulator providing a generous contribution to support the students of the Marine Institute. The offshore industry was gathered at the Marine Institute to celebrate the momentous event and included industry stakeholders and […]

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    by Tina Olivero

    Canada’s production and delivery of oil products, natural gas and electricity contributes about $170 billion to Canada’s GDP. The energy industry is one of the most important contributors to Canada’s economy and provides the foundation for our health care, education, and other social services in the country. According to Natural Resources Canada: In 2018, Canada’s […]

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