by Philipp Seidel

    Intero – The Sniffers and Sensirion Connected Solutions partner up to tackle methane emissions

    Sensirion Connected Solutions, a leading provider of sensor-based monitoring solutions, and Intero – The Sniffers, a global environmental and integrity service provider, have partnered up to help enable the oil and gas industry to reduce methane emissions and comply with voluntary initiatives and new standards.

    Intero – The Sniffers has a track record in conducting VOC and methane emission measurements and integrity surveys for global oil and gas players. Sensirion Connected Solutions perfectly complements this expertise through the development of its ground-based methane emissions monitoring solution called Nubo Sphere.

    Nubo Sphere is a reliable IoT solution that detects, locates and quantifies methane emissions across various industries. The deployment of real-time, continuous methane concentration data enables the detection, localization and quantification of emissions much earlier than was previously possible through human interaction alone. This enables fast, accurate and cost-saving damage control via rapid incident response actions, leading to increased safety and a reduced environmental burden.

    “The energy industry is increasingly focused on reducing methane emissions and therefore our partnership with Intero – The Sniffers is an ideal fit and comes at the perfect time. With our combined service offering, we have all the necessary tools to assist customers in reducing their methane emissions and meeting the highest reporting standards, both voluntary and regulatory”, says Marnix Valkeniers, Regional Sales Manager at Sensirion Connected Solutions.

    By joining forces, this partnership now offers a wide range of proven technologies to detect and quantify methane emissions and helps customers to understand and improve their emissions situation. With companies continuing to join the voluntary Oil and Gas Methane Partnership (OGMP 2.0), which the upcoming European Methane Regulation builds upon, the timing of this partnership is just right.

    “We see that the reduction of methane emissions is at the top of our clients’ environmental agendas these days”, says Philippe Guldemont, Managing Director of Intero – The Sniffers. “The industry is working heavily on improving their understanding of their greenhouse gases and reducing their carbon footprint. With Sensirion Connected Solutions, both our client portfolios can now benefit from proven technologies to detect and quantify methane emissions”, he adds.

    The partners have already initiated their collaboration. From March 27 to 29, you can find representatives of both Intero – The Sniffers and Sensirion Connected Solutions at the Methane Mitigation Summit Europe in Amsterdam. This conference could not be more fitting for both businesses, since it primarily focuses on how to predict and prevent methane emissions.

    Join their pre-conference workshop on the best practice guide for Leak Detection And Repair (LDAR), and make sure to stop by Sensirion’s booth to connect. Click here to learn more about the summit.

    About Sensirion Connected Solutions

    Sensirion Connected Solutions specializes in providing sensor-based, end-to-end solutions and services to improve efficiency and reliability for a more sustainable future. By combining unique innovative sensor technology, data analysis and a well-thought-out user experience, Sensirion Connected Solutions offers easy-to-use and scalable solutions for emission monitoring and predictive maintenance. The company is located in Stäfa, Switzerland, in Berlin, Germany and in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Sensirion Connected Solutions is part of Sensirion Holding, a global leader in the manufacture of digital microsensors for high-performance environmental and flow sensing. www.sensirion-connected.com

    About Intero – The Sniffers

    Intero – The Sniffers contribute to a better environment. You can sense the winds of change in the oil, gas and chemical industries as they move through the energy transition. As a key part of Intero, Intero – The Sniffers combines global field emission measurements and pipeline integrity surveys with expert knowledge and advice. www.the-sniffers.com

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