by Tina Olivero

    Three Sixty Solar Reports on Tower Benefits & Durability

    March 02, 2023

    Three Sixty Solar Ltd., an innovative alternative energy design, manufacture, and sales organization focused on solar equipment supply to the global marketplace, is pleased to report on the benefits and durability of the solar tower over the past 16 months.

    Key Highlights of the Solar Tower

    • Durability – Tower and Panels remained in as-built condition
    • Weather Resiliency – Zero damage observed from 120+km/hr winds, snow, hail, or rain
    • Snow Shedding – Vertical positioning of the panels allowed all snow to slough off the tower
    • Reduced Maintenance – Zero power loss due to soiling of panels

    CEO Brian Roth states, “These highlights support something I have believed for a long time – our tower design has more benefits that just the potential to use up to 90% less land. Reducing maintenance has the potential to reduce operating costs and improve the economics of a project. I am very pleased with how the tower has held up in the Canadian environment.”

    The above conclusions are based on an internal study by Three Sixty on its demonstration tower in Kelowna, BC, Canada. Erected in October 2021, the tower and panels have been in the Canadian elements for a total of 16 months. During that time, the tower experienced a severe storm, bringing wind gusts in excess of 120 km/hr (75 mph) along with intense rain and hail. According to Global News1, the storm left thousands of residents without power and closed schools.

    Soiling tests were conducted in January 2023 and the voltage and current were measured on panels before and after cleaning. After cleaning, no change was measured to either the voltage or current, indicating that there had been no power loss due to the soiling of the panels after more than one year of being on-site.

    About Three Sixty Solar Ltd.

    Three Sixty Solar Ltd. is an innovative alternative energy design, manufacture, and sales organization that focuses on solar equipment supply to the global marketplace. The company’s premier product line is the patent-pending SVS series commercial solar tower. According to Statistics MRC, the solar farm sector is set to grow to around $296 billion by 2028. Three Sixty Solar’s unique tower concept is a high-density, clean energy solution that uses up to 90% less land space than conventional solar farms and can co-locate adjacent to homes, retail, agriculture, and industry, thus minimizing line loss and maximizing energy delivery in places where renewables have been difficult to install until now. In multi-tower applications, developers can utilize the spaces between towers to better leverage land assets through additional revenue-generating activities. Designed to withstand major instances of extreme weather, Three Sixty Solar offers a clean energy solution with minimal environmental and habitat impact.

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