by Tina Olivero

    ROV Training Partnership Advances Industry Skills Agenda

    20th February 2023

    Subsea resourcing specialist DRIFT Offshore, which provides people and expert support services for projects internationally, has struck a partnership agreement to deliver technical training on Seatronics’ industry-leading VALOR ROV system.

    The collaboration with subsea technology provider Seatronics, a brand in Acteon’s Data and Robotics division, will serve to sustain a pool of skilled and competent pilots and demonstrates DRIFT Offshore’s training capabilities within its wider service offering.

    The VALOR ROV technology is among the most up-to-date on the subsea market, bridging the gap between Observation Class and Work Class ROVs by using a network-based operating system and advanced sensor control.

    Kyle Pitman, Founder and Director at DRIFT Offshore, says: “Our partnership with Seatronics gives us a new opportunity to show how our quality training services can support the industry and pilots in achieving their goals.

    “The deployment of the latest technology by competent individuals is key to delivering safe and successful projects, increasing operational efficiency and reducing downtime.

    “It is an integrated option for service providers, who can source the VALOR ROV from Seatronics and fully qualified operating personnel from DRIFT Offshore, and a welcome means for pilots to augment their skill set.

    “For DRIFT Offshore it will create a pipeline of pilots trained on the VALOR ROV, broadening our personnel offering which already extends across a wide range of equipment and sectors.

    “We are delighted to be working with Seatronics, which has an exceptional reputation in the subsea electronics market, to move the industry’s skills agenda forward in this way.”

    DRIFT Offshore is to lead the training courses in both the UK and the USA, utilizing the VALOR ROV and Seatronics test tanks.

    Derek Donaldson – Seatronics Group Managing Director said: “Seatronics are delighted to enter into this partnership with DRIFT Offshore. The VALOR ROV offers the market a cutting-edge solution that positively disrupts the observation class market. It is imperative that the operators are fully trained on the system so that they can utilize the built-in technology to its full potential to ensure that they optimize the pilot experience. DRIFT Offshore offers a range of advanced training courses and VALOR fits well into their portfolio.”

    Kyle Pitman adds: “The partnership strengthens the holistic approach DRIFT Offshore takes to creating the skills the subsea industry needs, and reflects our progressive approach. By working with individuals – from those starting out to the most experienced personnel – to map out their careers, we ensure they have a plan in place to equip them with the skills and hands-on experience they will need for the future.”

    About DRIFT Offshore

    DRIFT Offshore provides people and expert support services for safe and successful project execution. It offers the complete package: competent personnel, quality training, technical expertise, crewing and management services, and strategic resource planning.

    DRIFT Offshore people are proven in solving complex problems and keeping operations on track.

    DRIFT Offshore is a subsea resourcing alternative based on a unique combination of fresh thinking and years of front-line global experience.


    About Seatronics

    Seatronics, a brand in Acteon’s Data and Robotics Division is the industry’s leading technology specialist in subsea electronics. Seatronics provides marine electronic equipment to the global subsea market via rental/hire and purchase options.

    Seatronics are trusted by its clients to provide innovative technologies and to develop bespoke solutions utilizing our vast experience of subsea electronics, integrating and packaging equipment to meet varying subsea challenges.

    Their latest development, the VALOR, is the most powerful observation ROV available.

    In addition to equipment rental and sales, Seatronics offers a number of trusted services including manufacturing subsea connector and cable assemblies, asset management and state-of-the-art calibration facilities.


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