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The message is not to create fear but rather it is to act and act now – Tina Olivero, Publisher TheOGM.com

Netflix offers a diverse range of climate change documentaries that provide a comprehensive look at the various aspects of the issue and its impacts on the planet and its inhabitants.

Netflix documentaries are helping to raise awareness and increase engagement with the issue among a wider audience. Netflix documentaries present different perspectives on the issue of climate change, from science-based examinations of the causes and impacts to more personal and human-centered stories that showcase the human toll of the climate crisis.

Netflix is a global platform, which means that the documentaries on its platform are accessible to a large and diverse audience which in turn helps to promote international cooperation and action on climate change. Do whatever you can to take action, get the world out there, and make THE DIFFERENCE!


Chasing Coral – Coral reefs face threats
  1. “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” – This film is a follow-up to Al Gore’s 2006 documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.” It focuses on the progress that has been made in addressing climate change since the release of the original film, as well as the challenges that remain. It highlights the increasing urgency of the situation and calls for action on a global scale to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent the worst effects of climate change.
  2. “The 11th Hour” – This film explores the state of the planet and the consequences of human actions on the environment. It features experts in various fields, including climate science, ecology, and economics, who discuss the challenges facing the planet and offer solutions for a more sustainable future.
  3. “Chasing Coral” – This film takes a closer look at the world’s coral reefs and the threats they face, including rising ocean temperatures, acidification, and pollution. The filmmakers use innovative techniques to capture the beauty and fragility of these ecosystems and bring attention to the urgent need to protect them.
  4. “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret” – This film explores the impact of animal agriculture on the environment and the role it plays in driving deforestation, water depletion, and greenhouse gas emissions. The filmmakers argue that the meat and dairy industry is one of the largest contributors to climate change and that a shift towards a plant-based diet is necessary for a sustainable future.
  5. “Before the Flood” – This film follows Leonardo DiCaprio as he travels the world to better understand the impacts of climate change and what can be done to address it. He meets with scientists, activists, and world leaders to discuss the current state of the planet and the steps that need to be taken to prevent the worst consequences of climate change.
  6. “Our Planet” – This documentary series, produced by the World Wildlife Fund and Netflix, takes a closer look at the diversity of life on our planet and the threats it faces, including climate change, deforestation, and overfishing. The series showcases the beauty and complexity of the natural world and highlights the need for action to protect it.
  7. “The True Cost” – This film explores the impacts of the fast fashion industry on people and the planet. It covers topics such as the exploitation of low-wage workers, the environmental consequences of overproduction and waste, and the human health risks associated with toxic chemicals used in the production of clothing.
  8. “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things” – This film explores the minimalist movement and its relationship to environmentalism and sustainability. The filmmakers interview people who have embraced a minimalist lifestyle and demonstrate how reducing consumption can lead to a more fulfilling life and a healthier planet.
  9. “A Life on Our Planet” – This film is a personal witness statement by Sir David Attenborough on the state of the natural world and the future of life on Earth. He reflects on his long career in natural history filmmaking and the changes he has seen in the planet and presents a vision for how we can protect our planet and create a better future for all species.
  10. “Ice on Fire” – This film focuses on the science of climate change and the technological solutions that are being developed to address it. It highlights the role of the oceans in the Earth’s climate system and the impacts of melting sea ice and ocean acidification. The film also showcases cutting-edge technologies that aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change.


Netflix’s climate change documentaries profiled in Canada, provide a valuable resource for those looking to learn more about the issue and the steps that can be taken to address it. These riveting shows provide a conscious look at mother nature and her wrath when we do not listen and act.

  1. “Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet” explores the latest scientific advancements and technologies used to understand and tackle the global environmental crisis.

2. “Kiss the Ground” focuses on the potential of regenerative agriculture to heal the planet and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

3. “Earth Storm” investigates the role of new technologies and strategies in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fighting the effects of climate change.

4. “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret” looks at the impact that animal agriculture has on the environment and its role in driving the global climate crisis.

5. “Brave Blue World” showcases the innovative solutions being developed to conserve water and secure our most precious resource.

6. “Down to Earth with Zac Efron” follows actor Zac Efron as he travels the world, learning about sustainable ways of living and the efforts being made to combat climate change.

7. “Our Planet, Explained” simplifies the complex issues surrounding climate change, from its causes and impacts to the solutions and technologies being developed to address it.

8. “David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet” features Sir David Attenborough reflecting on his life and career, as well as the changes he has seen in the natural world.

9. “Chasing Coral” examines the rapid decline of the world’s coral reefs and the efforts being made to protect these vital ecosystems.

10. “Fire in Paradise” investigates the devastating Camp Fire in California and the impact of climate change on the frequency and severity of wildfires.

11. “Bill Nye: Science Guy” explores a range of science-related topics, including climate change and the steps we can take to address it, with Bill Nye as the guide.

12. “Our Planet” takes viewers on a journey around the world, showcasing the beauty and diversity of life on Earth, while also highlighting the threats it faces from climate change and other environmental issues.

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