by Tina Olivero

    The Key to Reducing Carbon Emissions in Commercial Buildings

    Net Zero, the effort to reduce effective carbon emissions to zero, has gained worldwide attention. Seventy percent of the global economy has committed to net zero by 2050 despite the many obstacles to achieving it. In the U.S., buildings account for 16% of carbon emissions. This means the success of U.S. efforts depends on more energy-efficient building practices and retrofits. Most energy-saving plans, including President Biden’s proposed building codes, overlook the single most significant factor in building insulation: windows. Most standard windows represent a significant thermal leak – accounting for up to 25% to 30% of heating and cooling energy use.

    The Solution:

    Commercial windows and curtain walls are often overlooked for two reasons. Adequate technology has not been available, and high-performance window options were expensive compared with less insulating options. Wisconsin-based FreMarq Innovations has solved both problems with its ground-breaking ZeroNet technology. Both new constructions and existing retrofits can achieve previously impossible thermal performance for the same or less investment than with standard commercial windows

    Todd Frederick, Owner, and President of FreMarq Innovations can speak on the following:

    • How much improvement in thermal performance does a FreMarq Innovations solution provide when compared to a standard commercial window installation?
    • How does this technology work?
    • Why were affordable and effective window solutions thought to be impossible?

    About FreMarq Innovations

    FreMarq Innovations, based in Merrill, Wisconsin, is an innovative architectural framing company founded in 2016 to develop energy-efficient curtain walls and windows with performance that was previously deemed “impossible.” Not only did it engineer and patent its technology, but the company also made it available to all architects and building owners at an affordable price — in less than six years. FreMarq Innovations exists to bring about a change in the design and construction of high-performance buildings with zero negative consequences—reducing carbon emissions through the use of FreMarq’s Zero•Net™fenestration solutions.

    Find out how this technology, combined with architectural engineering and ingenuity, can create buildings that can last, perform, and serve: visit https://fremarqinnovations.com/

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