by Tina Olivero

    FuelPositive Presents Its Green Ammonia Technology to Canada UK Energy Summit in London UK

    FuelPositive Corporation (“FuelPositive” or the “Company”) is pleased to report it attended and addressed the delegates at the 13th Annual Canada UK Energy Summit held yesterday at Canada House in London, UK. With a focus on industrial decarbonization, the aim of the annual summit is to expand export opportunities for Canadian firms into the UK market and strengthen bilateral commercial cooperation. One hundred Canadian and the UK pre-qualified company representatives participated, along with 25 Canadian and British government representatives responsible for advancing policy and funding frameworks. FuelPositive was one of five Canadian emerging technology companies invited to address the group in the Innovators Session.

    “We were delighted that government leaders are recognizing our technology and company as a valuable tool in the fight against climate change. Our onsite, containerized green ammonia production system is a perfect example of a practical, decentralized, and economical approach to industrial decarbonization. It disrupts the traditional, centralized grey ammonia industry, that’s driven by fossil fuels and is well known as a major polluter around the world. Our system produces carbon-free, green ammonia using air, water, and sustainable electricity, and the decentralized, onsite model allows end-users to produce the ammonia they need for fertilizer and/or for fuel on their own land, where the ammonia is going to be used. That means we’ve eliminated carbon emissions from the production process of ammonia, and we’ve eliminated the need for large storage facilities and the transportation of dirty ammonia across vast distances to end users,” said Ian Clifford, FuelPositive CEO and Board Chair. 

    FuelPositive’s first demonstration system is expected to be fully validated and farm-ready in November 2022, before being moved to an 11,000-acre farm in Manitoba where it will be run for one year in all types of weather as a pilot project. The Company has begun to accept pre-sales inquiries. The onsite model provides end users with stability and control over supply, timing, and price.

    Grey Ammonia and Pollution

    Over 200 million tonnes of traditional or grey ammonia are manufactured and consumed annually worldwide. In fact, grey ammonia currently ranks as the second most produced chemical globally, with production accounting for two percent of the world’s fossil fuel use. Eighty percent of grey ammonia is used as nitrogen fertilizer to grow food. While we rely on ammonia as fertilizer for food security, the traditional method of producing it, in massive, centralized refineries, is one of the most emissions-intensive manufacturing processes in the world. As a whole, the traditional ammonia industry generates over 420 million tons of carbon dioxide annually. For every metric tonne of traditional or grey ammonia produced globally, almost three metric tonnes of greenhouse gases are emitted.

    Supply Shortages and Skyrocketing Prices

    The centralized model of traditional ammonia manufacturing has also created significant problems in the form of supply shortages and skyrocketing prices. A relatively small number of refineries provide all the ammonia used around the planet. The ammonia must be transported vast distances from the point of production to the point of use. That supply chain has been unreliable for several years because of hurricanes, fossil fuel shortages, the COVID-19 pandemic, and now Russia’s tragic war in Ukraine. Farmers, for example, never know exactly when they will get their delivery, how much they will get, and how much they will have to pay. Prices have risen to the point that grey ammonia is unaffordable for many. And with the war in Ukraine, continues to get worse, given the amount of food, fertilizer, and fuel annually supplied by Ukraine and Russia.

    About FuelPositive

    FuelPositive is a Canadian technology company committed to providing commercially viable and sustainable, “cradle to cradle”, clean technology solutions, including an on-site, containerized green ammonia (NH3) production system that eliminates carbon emissions from the production of the green ammonia. By focusing on technologies that are clean, sustainable, and economically advantageous/realizable, the Company aims to change the course of climate change through practical solutions that can be implemented in the short term.

    The FuelPositive onsite, containerized green ammonia production system produces pure, anhydrous ammonia for multiple applications, including fertilizer for farming, fuel for grain drying and internal combustion engines, a practical alternative for fuel cells, and a solution for grid storage. Green ammonia is also considered a key enabler of the hydrogen economy. The system comprises a nitrogen generator to produce nitrogen from the air, a water electrolyzer to produce hydrogen from water, and a patent-pending synthesis converter to produce green ammonia from hydrogen and nitrogen.

    FuelPositive systems are designed to provide for green ammonia production on-site, where it’s needed. This eliminates wildly fluctuating supply chains and offers end-users energy and supply security, as well as stable prices while cutting carbon emissions from the production process. The first customers will be farmers. Farmers use 80% of the traditional ammonia produced today as fertilizer.


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