by Tina Olivero

    OWM Announces Expansion & New Framework with Leading Operator

    Leading water management and risk prevention specialist Offshore Water Management Ltd (OWM) has announced its continued growth with the expansion of its in-house Technical Supply service following a new supply framework with a leading operator and a new appointment.

    OWM, which is in its 15th year of operation, is committed to providing an industry-leading Technical Supply offering as part of its widely recognized portfolio of services. The company’s new supply framework reinforces its presence in the offshore energy sector as OWM oversees the specialist water-treatment and chemical requirements of the Brae Assets. Q3 of 2022 will also see the water management experts support two leading UKCS operators with offshore water management projects. 

    Driving the growth of the Technical Supply division is the newly appointed Technical Supply Coordinator, Matt Cowie. Having initially joined OWM in 2018, Matt provides a wealth of specialist insight and a continued commitment to sourcing the most effective technical requirement solutions for OWM’s customers. OWM will provide first-fit solutions to unique requirements, particularly in pumps, valves, water production, pipework, and fittings from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. 

    Speaking on his appointment, Matt said “This is an exciting time for OWM, and I am delighted to be taking on the position of Technical Supply Coordinator. 

    “Having previously worked in OWM’s Sampling Department, I bring a wealth of knowledge about the specialist nature of the requirements and challenges our clients encounter every day. I look forward to strengthening the first-class, full-cycle service that our clients expect and receive.” 

    In addition to the success of its new business stream, OWM has been awarded the industry-leading accreditation for a Quality Management System, Lloyds ISO 9001. This achievement is a testament to OWM’s continued commitment to providing safe and efficient services which go above and beyond the industry standard. 

    Neill Crone, General Manager at OWM, commented “We are delighted with the continued success of our newly focussed Technical Supply service and the timing of our certification now being with Lloyds is perfect given the growing volumes we are seeing in Q3. 

    “Quality, safety, and efficiency are of great importance to all of us at OWM so our dedicated team goes above and beyond to provide our clients with over 15 years of technical knowledge combined with working relationships with an extensive network of globally recognized suppliers and manufacturers such as Hatenboer-Water and Watts-Socla.”


    OWM (Offshore Water Management Ltd) is a specialist technical consultancy, that has been delivering solutions, products, and services for the provision of safe drinking water to the offshore and marine industry globally for 15 years.  OWM’s commitment to the industry is that all offshore and maritime personnel are drinking safe and high-quality water and ensure low-risk, efficient, effective, and optimized drinking water systems. Our holistic approach means OWM is uniquely placed to support and manage all aspects of water systems throughout the chain of custody; supply, storage, treatment, and end use regardless of complexity and location.

    For more information visit: www.owmgroup.com

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