by Tina Olivero

    Port of Argentia Secures Contract to Support North American Clean Energy Industry

    The Port of Argentia has announced the signing of a significant contract to support the development of clean energy projects in the Northeastern United States.

    Port CEO Scott Penney states, “From a business development standpoint, this work will generate up to $65 million CAD in new contracts for stevedoring, land preparation, heavy ground transport, security, and other services within the port, creating up to 20 new jobs on site. As well, port infrastructure improvements will be made in support of this project that will position Argentia to capture other oversized transport and storage projects in the renewable energy and other industrial sectors well into the future”.

    Heavy transport vessels will arrive from Europe throughout 2023. From the dockside, components will be transported to a bonded storage area on the former U.S. naval air station runways in the Argentia Northside Industrial Area by self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs).

    In advance of arrival, the port will see more than $7 million CAD spent on infrastructure improvements including road widening, burying of utility lines inside the marine terminal, creation of 3 acres of new laydown lands adjacent to docking facilities, repositioning of smaller service buildings, and installation of fencing and security cameras.

    SOURCE: www.portofargentia.ca

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