by Tina Olivero

    Global Deployment of Daigas Group’s Onsite Hydrogen Generation Technology

    Daigas Gas and Power Solution Co., Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of Osaka Gas Co., Ltd, has established an expanded business collaboration for onsite hydrogen generator technology with Hyundai Rotem Company (“HRC”), an affiliate of Hyundai Motor Group, allowing HRC to sell the generators outside South Korea.

    Daigas Group (formerly Osaka Gas Group) launched the first model of “HYSERVE”, an onsite hydrogen generator, in 2003 by adopting its accumulated knowledge on catalysts. DGPS introduced a new model “HYSERVE-300” with an hourly hydrogen production capacity of 300 Nm3 in 2013. DGPS, as a manufacturer of HYSERVE-300, has sold the units mainly to hydrogen fueling stations.

    Then in 2019, DGPS granted HRC to manufacture and sell “Hy-Green”, a hydrogen generator utilizing the technology of HYSERVE-300, enabling HRC to meet the increasing demand for hydrogen fueling stations in South Korea.

    After confirming HRC’s successful launch of Hy-Green, DGPS has decided to globally deploy its HYSERVE technology by enabling HRC to sell Hy-Green outside of South Korea. DGPS believes this will contribute to the prompt buildup of distributed hydrogen supply infrastructure which is necessary for the decarbonization of the transportation sector.

    Hy-Green will be sold by HRC for the on-site hydrogen fueling station for various hydrogen mobilities (small vehicles, buses, trucks, construction equipment, train, ships, drones and etc), fuel cell power plant, and biogas production facilities (to produce hydrogen) in order to expand the hydrogen supply chain.

    HRC has already developed the mass production capacity of Hy-Green and is ready for receiving inquiries from the world including those through Daigas Group.

    Daigas Group including DGPS is going to expand its overseas energy business from upstream to downstream by fully utilizing its experiences in and out of Japan and its existing overseas business platforms.

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