by Harold Sokyrka

    The DAWN of NEW ERA for Sustainability and Achieving Net Zero Plastic

    Kwik BagIt is committed to reducing the amount of valuable and unnecessary plastics that are entering our waterways and municipal landfills. For the past 3 years, we have been researching the problems that are plaguing Waste Management, MRF facilities, Beverage Companies, and Landfills.

    Introducing the “ground-breaking” Patent Pending “System” that has been developed. We call it the “Kwik BagIt Closed-Loop Rewards Recycling System”. This is a “game-changer” and a possible solution to the problems facing ALL stakeholders who are striving toward New Zero Plastic Projections by 2030.

    The “System” is successfully retrieving over 80% of valuable recycled material from households and commercial businesses BEFORE it enters the MRF and Municipal Landfills. It prevents co-mingling and contamination & sends recyclable material directly to the re-processors. This will help to make these businesses more profitable and successful.

    Here is our Mission Statement 


    With today’s issues of rising inflation and lack of understanding of the intrinsic value of recycled material, the “System” will be able to significantly reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic, glass, and metal that are plugging up our landfills and it will provide an incentive for the public to get involved in a rewarding method of proper recycling.

    We use a washable, reusable, and recyclable cloth bag to collect the recyclable material and the consumer fills the bags with cleaned and sorted plastics and metals and takes them to our collection depots.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIKCBVNB4RQ

    The local collection depots are operated by non-profit organizations, schools, churches, and community associations in communities that collect the valuable materials and then forward the materials to re-processing centers that re-purpose the materials into next-stage products. This provides a new source of important revenue that is a very successful way to raise funds for these group and their members.


    There are grants available in most States and Provinces that encourage new innovative improvements for waste diversion and plastic reduction. As federal and local governments pass more legislation to reduce the number of plastics, the timing is right to get involved with Kwik BagIt as we expand across North America.

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