by Tina Olivero

    Avensys Introduces Teledyns ISCO DuraTracker

    Teledyne ISCO’s new DuraTracker® flowmeter logs flow data with more features at a greater value than related products, especially when multiple sensor connections and communication with a cell phone are required.​

    DuraTracker flows measurement made easy, with a durable build, low-cost, efficient operation, room to attach multiple devices, and intelligent options for communicating data to the user. It’s a versatile flowmeter, ideal for many flow applications.

    • Two-way communication direct through a USB
    • Bluetooth to avoid entering hard-to-reach areas
    • Save time and money

    The DuraTracker flowmeter is the most efficient and reliable flow monitoring solution on the market today for a wide range of open channel flow measurement applications. It supports flow measurement technologies including non-contact laser area velocity, submerged Doppler area velocity, and ultrasonic. The flowmeter calculates flow using standard open channel level-to-flow and area velocity conversions, user-defined equations, level-to-area data points, or level-to-flow data points.

    The DuraTracker package cost-effectively integrates cellular communications and multiple flow technologies within a
    single module. The standard Bluetooth capabilities make the programming, sensor calibration, and data retrieval job easy through wireless devices. A field upgradable remote cell phone communication option is also available.


    • Collection system flow monitoring
    • Surface water flow monitoring
    • Industrial pretreatment flow monitoring
    • WWTP flow monitoring

    Standard Features:

    • Rugged, submersible enclosure meets IP68
    environmental specs
    • Quick connect plug-and-play multiple sensors
    connectivity: Ultrasonic, AV, and laser
    • pH and sampler interface
    • Bluetooth communication interface with
    wireless devices
    • USB interface
    • MODBUS output
    • Replaceable high-capacity internal desiccant
    cartridge and Gortex filter protect sensor air
    reference port from water entry and internal
    • Variable data-rate storage
    • Compatible with off-the-shelf batteries

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