by Tina Olivero

    XL Fleet Unveils First All-Electric Refuse Vehicle

    XL Fleet Corp. (“XL Fleet” or the “Company”), a leading provider of fleet electrification solutions, will today unveil at WasteExpo 2022 its first-ever all-electric pre-series unit on the Curbtender Quantum refuse truck. The vehicle was developed in collaboration with Curbtender, Inc. (“Curbtender”), utilizing a Ford F-600 chassis. Curbtender is a market leader in under CDL refuse trucks and a pioneer in automated side loader collection. The EV solution is the first of three pre-series vehicles, and the companies plan to build and deliver multiple commercial units in 2022.

    The platform was designed from the ground up to satisfy the challenging vocational operating conditions of refuse vehicles, resulting in a fleet-ready EV solution that delivers improved weight distribution, packaging, battery safety, and performance. XL Fleet has experienced strong customer demand for this purpose-built solution across a wide range of conditions and will continue to test and refine its current design with sales expected later in 2022.

    The all-electric vehicle features a proprietary swing panel packing mechanism, which allows the packer to clear more trash in a shorter amount of time and with a smaller hopper requirement. The result is a faster, lighter rear loader with an industry-leading payload. The zero-emission propulsion system will also become available on the Curbtender TomCat model, the company’s most versatile refuse collection truck.

    “The need for sustainable vehicle solutions in the waste management market has grown steadily, and XL Fleet and Curbtender are well-positioned to serve that demand,” said Eric Tech, CEO of XL Fleet. “Curbtender has been a terrific partner in jointly developing this vehicle and helping us expand our footprint and solutions scope where we see growth opportunities. The development of this all-electric vehicle is a significant step for XL Fleet, as we expand vehicle electrification and help our customers achieve their decarbonization goals.”

    “As a fleet electrification leader that offers to charge infrastructure and installation support, we work closely with our customers to understand how the vehicle will be put to use and ensure they’re fully set up for success,” said Toza Crnilovic, Vice President of Sales at XL Fleet. “XL Fleet provides a robust solution to our customers starting with site evaluation, HW planning and installation, and a custom monitoring dashboard. These solutions and services are meant to ensure our customers have a frictionless experience in meeting their electrification and sustainability goals. We have many customer inquiries and are building a firm pipeline of purchase orders.”

    “The commercial waste management industry is in need of sustainable, cost-effective, and energy-efficient vehicles,” said Kevin Watje, CEO of Curbtender. “The all-electric platforms we’re developing with XL Fleet are leading us into our decarbonized future, without compromising durability or performance. As we get ready to deliver our first vehicles, we look forward to strengthening our partnership with XL Fleet and better-serving customers throughout North America.”

    About XL Fleet

    XL Fleet is accelerating decarbonization with energy efficiency solutions for businesses and is a leading provider of vehicle electrification solutions for commercial and municipal fleets in North America. With more than 180 million miles driven by customers such as The Coca-Cola Company and Verizon, XL Fleet’s hybrid electric drive systems can increase fuel economy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which are key components for customer sustainability programs. For additional information, please visit www.xlfleet.com.

    About Curbtender

    Curbtender, Inc. is a family-owned and managed to refuse truck and street sweeper manufacturer based in Cedar Falls, Iowa. With over 40 years of experience in building automated side loading refuse trucks, the company is accustomed to introducing new technologies to the waste industry. CEO Kevin Watje has led the company in evaluating and testing electric vehicle technologies since 2010. The eQuantum is a culmination of a rigorous, decade-long EV partner evaluation process and more than 3 years of on-road testing.

    Source and Image: www.xlfleet.com

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