by Tina Olivero

    CELEBRATE EARTH DAY: 22 Days in April with Love Peace Harmony Foundation

    April 1 – 22nd, 2022 marks a servies of EARTH DAY events happing at the Love Peace Harmony Foundation. Celebrating mother earth and all she gives us, these consecutive, daily events begin with 21 Days of Love Peace Harmony: Practice and People. 

    The events are designed to celebrate modalities and personalities with those committed to creating a loving, peaceful and harmonious planet through their practices.

    Participants will be celebrating Earth Day in ONEness by cultivating inner joy and peace…while radiating vibrations to where the world needs our help the most! You may wish to join us every day or as often as you can from April 1 – 21 at 3pm ET on @lovepeaceharmonyfoundation

    Participants are encouraged to DONATE generously to this vital cause in support of  PLANTING ONE MILLION TREES/SEEDLINGS. Together, let’s help to save Mother Earth by turning this into reality!


    The GRAND FINALE celebrating earth day is a special appearance by Dr & Master Sha. World renowned leader of global transformation and Healing, Master Sha will be celebrating Earth Day 2022 with participants, live!

    As the founder of of Love Peace Harmony Foundation, Dr and Master Sha, along with leading teachers and community members from around the world, collectively will be raising the frequency and vibration within ourselves and throughout the world on this Earth day.

    Master Sha is a doctor turned world-renowned healer & 11-Time NY Times Best-Selling Author and founder of the Love Peace Harmony Foundation. On this special World Earth Day, we have the opportunity to join hearts and souls together to practice with people who are dedicated to creating a more loving, peaceful and harmonious world!

    Reward yourself with this precious treasure and give Mother Earth more Love Peace and Harmony – she’s earned it! Master Sha will offer a transmission of a permanent blessing treasure for all who register for the Earth Day celebration.

    For 12 hours straight in collaboration with top teachers and facilitators from around the world, we will gather together to activate our healing light for ourselves, our loved ones and Mother Earth!

    The day will culminate in a special session with our founder, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, who will offer a special Earth Day blessing for all those registered for this special event. Be sure to register your loved ones to receive this special Earth Day blessing, even if they cannot join live!

    This Earth Day, give yourself, and your loved ones, the gift of uplifting your frequency and vibration, and share this gift with your loved ones, by registering them to receive the healing benefits.

    Rather than charging for the Grand Finale participants will have the choice to select a point of contribution as follows:

    1. Plant a Million: every $50 plants 500 trees with our planting partners
    2. Canadian Red Cross ‘Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal’: support humanitarian initiatives in Ukraine
    3. Love Peace Harmony Foundation: Wherever Needed Most fund

    It is expected to be an extraordinary event.


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