by Tina Olivero

    Echandia opens APAC office

    Echandia is seeing an increasing interest and traction in the APAC region. It all started with a global partnership with Damen Shipyards to electrify ship-handling tugboats to service C’s largest container and international trade terminal the Ports of Auckland Limited (POAL). 

    David Hunter has decided to leave his position at Danfoss to join Echandia as a Business Development Manager in charge of the effort to build Echandia’s presence in the APAC region. David has a long track record of working in the clean-tech industry with more than ten years in management positions with companies like Danfoss Editron, Torqeedo and Green Energy Geothermal and is a perfect fit for Echandia

    Magnus Eriksson, CEO and founder of Echandia:

    “We are delighted to have David onboard to serve the fast-growing APAC market. David draws on a wealth of experience and will be instrumental to Echandia’s ambition to electrify and power the world’s oceans. He has pioneered many cutting-edge projects such as the first all-electric passenger ferry fleet in Bangkok, which is typically the kind of projects we are looking at.” 

    Magnus Eriksson, CEO and founder of Echandia

    David Hunter, Business Development Manager, APAC, Echandia:

    “For me it is a natural step to move to Echandia. The interest in electrification of large vessels is growing daily and I see great opportunities with our LTO-based systems, that can handle challenging operational profiles and high c-rates, combined with superior safety characteristics. Everyone in the industry is looking for the right technology-fit and Echandia is in pole-position in this transformation.”  

    David Hunter, Business Development Manager, APAC, Echandia:

    About Echandia 

    Echandia is a Swedish company leading the development of zero-emission energy solutions for maritime and industrial applications. By pioneering advanced heavy-duty LTO battery systems and proprietary, lightweight battery racks and system architecture, Echandia creates solutions for complex and demanding environments. Echandias LTO-systems has type approval from both Bureau Veritas and DNV. Echandia is based in Stockholm Sweden. www.echandia.se

    Source(s) and Image(s): Echandia

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