by Tina Olivero

    Integrated approach to reducing carbon key

    Atlantic Canada has an opportunity to develop an integrated approach to reducing carbon emissions as the country moves towards the net-zero target, an executive with Liberty Utilities says.

    Gilles Volpé, vice-president and general manager of Liberty Utilities in New Brunswick, has led the natural gas distribution utility through its strongest growth in seven years.

    Interviewed as part of the Atlantic Business magazine program Take 5 with the Top 50, which features award-winning CEOs in the region, said renewable gas from landfills and hydrogen gas likely will be part of the gas mix in the future.

    “We can’t have silos,” Volpé said in the videotaped interview. “We can’t have just electricity, just nuclear or just solar. We have a very good opportunity in Atlantic Canada to have an integrated approach to our carbon reduction challenges. I manage a gas distribution company and gas will be part of the energy mix for many decades.”

    The interview also delves into the surprisingly altruistic motives that drive Mr. Volpé’s professional career, including the opportunities, and threats, for the local energy sector from climate change and how Volpé has lowered costs for customers without undermining his responsibility to shareholders.

    Source(s) and Images(s): Atlantica Energy

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