Paradigm Flow: Dry-Flo™ from Paradigm Group BV on Vimeo.

by Tina Olivero

Paradigm’s Dry-Flo – Secures Two Important Project Wins

Paradigm Group, headquartered in Groot-Ammers, The Netherlands, was recently awarded two significant Master Service Agreements with two leading offshore Operators. The new contracts involve projects to be carried out in West Africa and the Mediterranean Sea.

Paradigm will perform fire deluge inspection, verification and dry testing services using Paradigm Dry-Flo® digital technology. DryFlo® was chosen for its waterless solution, enabling the operators to meet fire safety and environmental regulatory compliance while limiting long-term corrosion effects.

Daniel McCormick, Director of Fire Services at Paradigm Group, commented, “The awarding of these new contracts in West Africa and the Mediterranean recognized Paradigm Dry-Flo® digital technology as a cost-effective, sustainable and innovative alternative solution to traditional wet testing methods. We are glad to support the environment and regulatory compliance, while saving operators the additional cost of wastewater containment, treatment and disposal.’’

Daniel McCormick also stated, “Paradigm is proud of its cross-industry innovative technology and value-added services that enable waterless fire suppression system testing in an intelligent, clean, sustainable and reliable manner.”

Paradigm Group was established in Groot-Ammers, The Netherlands, in 2009, to develop and commercialize new technologies and innovations for the upstream Oil & Gas Industry. With a broad width of market participation, Paradigm Group consists of four specializations:
1. Drilling Optimization
2. Production Efficiency
3. Well Intervention
4. Fire Protection

Each area of expertise boasts unique technologies supported by strong Intellectual Property positions. Even in this challenging business climate, an aggressive R&D effort continues and including joint development partnerships with major oil and gas operators.

Source and Photo: Paradigm Dry-Flo

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