by Tina Olivero

    The USM annunciator box becomes even more powerful

    The USM annunciator box is the standard when it comes to processing, mapping and forwarding of collective as well as individual alarms via standardized protocols such as IEC 60870-5-104 or 61850 directly in the substation control level or SCADA level, thus saving wiring effort. The digital annunciator technology from EES meets these requirements even more with the new version 4.0, especially with regard to the further improved IT security and the integrated event recorder.

    8-48 alarms are processed in compact housing sizes at various different voltage levels with adjustable response delays per channel. Now they can also be registered and archived accordingly in the free of charge event log. The high-performance event recorder can be displayed in the web server and includes the storage of information and occurring errors of the device (Syslog) as well as the storage of incoming and receiding alarms. The alarm memory comprises 100,000 events and is designed as a ring buffer. Downloading the data for further processing in Excel is also possible. With the help of various filter options, the alarms in focus can be addressed individually or a selective download can be performed.

    With regard to IT security, further new technical possibilities were used to enable an even more secure operation of the USM in the network. These include improved user administration with extended configuration options as well as an upgrade and downgrade option for versions. This also makes it possible to import old versions from previous firmware versions, which was not previously possible in this way. Attack vectors have been further eliminated through a comprehensive “security by design” process.

    The new USMs are all shipped with the new version. In addition, EES offers the possibility to bring older versions to the current 4.0 status through an upgrade, which will be offered at a preferential price until October 31st, 2021. This means that older systems will also receive an up-to-date IT security standard, including the new features.

    This also applies to all of the WAP-K annunciators with the innovative software parameterizable fascia panels. The USM / WAP-K fault annunciator family from EES offers the reliability and security for the tasks in substations and plants in distribution and transport networks, now and in the future.


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