by Tina Olivero

INNOVATION CHALLENGE: Zoom out 1000 years and realize pandemics have come and gone many times before.

We are in unprecedented times.

The perfect storm you might say.

A time of a deadly global pandemic. Sadly so many lives have been lost.

Oil price dropped, supplies lagged, business came to a screeching halt. Fear and Covid-19 paralyzed us as the entire world stopped.

If you look at the situation we are all facing today it probably looks like the biggest catastrophe we have ever known. For some it seems like the end of life as we understand it. But zoom out to 1000-year time line and you realize that pandemics have come and gone many times before. We made it through.

As with all major breakdowns in history, some people dig deeper and harness the opportunities and create something entirely new. When breakdowns lead to breakthroughs it’s a winning outcome every time. That’s what we are about to do…

We don’t have to settle for a narrow view of this point in history. We can do something different. Rather than get lost in a sea of negativity and doom and gloom, rather than resting on past successes and fearing the future we can do something entirely new and different. We can unleash our ‘creativity’ and deconstruct the ‘status quo’ and we can blow the doors wide open into new realms of possibility.


We are on the cusp of a digital revolution where the world will exponentially globalize because of the internet and our connectedness.

Imagine a world where we use creativity and connectedness to innovate, solve problems and energize the future. Imagine if climate change, health issues, and our prosperity, became a global concern where we all worked on the solutions together. It is possible. Technology has given us that privilege.

Don’t make the mistake of overestimating the risk of trying something new.
And whatever you do, don’t underestimating the devastation that comes from standing still.

Instead, we should examine our resources, systems and processes and allow them to naturally breakdown so that we may rebuild in a sustainable way for the future.

We must be willing to let in what I call “FACTOR X”. The future that’s waiting to happen.

Factor X is responsible for cell phones, flying in the air, television and every modern innovation. Factor X is the willingness to unleash that which is within every single one of us and find a solution for the challenges of the day. Yes, even the big challenges like Cancer and Climate change.

With Factor X in mind, we have created a platform for our youth to get involved and to build the future of health. With Factor X in mind, we will harness technology and set free the minds of every student in Newfoundland and Labrador to work on solutions for a better tomorrow. Food and food supply, health and well-being, movement and strength, emotional and mental wellness.

The provinces first VIRTUAL INNOVATION challenge will not only open up the doors to a future of health, but it will ignite a spark in every student that participates. It will teach them the very basis of what we must all understand…that we as one person, can make a difference. It will teach students they can shape the future with confidence in solving the ongoing problems we face in our overall health cycle from what we eat, to how we live, to what outcomes we have in our health.

Learning to solve problems with new models of efficiency and the ability to readjust in real-time is key. We must foster agility, creativity and provocative ideas within our youth if they are to be leaders in the future.

When our youth understand the true meaning of collaboration, doing more with less, responding in real-time and adapting in real-time, these are the skill sets that set them up for a future of prosperity. These are the skill sets that empower them. That’s what the virtual innovation challenge is all about. It’s the opportunity to adapt to the future that’s calling.

Globalization is calling. One world is calling. That’s not a bad thing, that’s an opportunity for collective intelligence and global solution solving.

Here at the Local Wellness Collective, we were about to build health solutions with technology ourselves. Then we stopped and said, “What if we give that opportunity to our youth.” At that moment, we all saw a new way of life emerging.

The Virtual Innovation Challenge is the beginning of all of that. It’s a place to set minds free and unleash minds that may have never had the chance to see what was possible. It means fostering creativity, innovation and challenge so that we can architect the instruments of our future. It is the opportunity to be healthier and happier not only here in Newfoundland and Labrador but indeed if Factor X presents itself and we produce products that solve health issues, we may take them to the world.

If you understand this as the way forward and you realize that empowering our youth means creating a sustainable future not only in health but in all facets of life, then this is your chance to be a sponsor, a volunteer or a contributor to this project.


2021 will spur a new thought order. With a province-wide call to all students we will provide an unprecedented opportunity for teams of students to solve the health solutions of our time. Through a unique virtual challenge, students will bring their intellectual metal, ingenuity and unprecedented team work, coupled with innovation solutions, to the table.
Nobody knows how it will turn out. Everyone understands it’s limitless potential. That is so exciting.


To understand the scope and parameters of the province-wide Virtual Innovation Challenge, please review the portal designed to have students involved and sign in:

ABOUT Local Wellness Collective

Local Wellness Collective is a non-for-profit organization built during Covid-19 to address the challenges of our time. Registered provincially in Newfoundland and Labrador as well as Federally registered as a non-for-profit entity, the Local Wellness Collective is incorporating new methodologies, creative thinking and empowering each person to make a difference. Believing that the collective intelligence will harnesses new ways of adaptive thinking, it is the mission of the organization to create a sustainable future for us all.

With a mindset of ‘what’s possible’, we see the pandemic as a time of rebirth, a time of online opportunity and a time of game-changing solutions. What has not been invented yet, is what we call Factor X.

At the Local Wellness Collective Factor X is the goal.

To be involved in the PROVINCE-WIDE Virtual Innovation Challenge
Other ways you see that we don’t see yet…

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