by Tina Olivero

    Way to go, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador!

    Not only has the incredible work of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and our people resulted in only 12 cases of Coronavirus in the province, but we have also revamped the way we receive our daily public news.

    The daily 2:00 pm government report updates the people of our province on the critical developments of the Coronavirus and other important provincial initiatives. This new format has proven to be THE BEST communication bridge to the people we have ever had! It has clarity and precision. It is informative and in-depth. It’s authentic, and it reflects what we really feel is important! In my opinion, this format is a dramatic improvement from the drama and sensationalism news that we have had to endure in the past.

    Can we keep this format and scrap the rest? We don’t want our taxes and our attention going toward media that is destroying our companies, people, and government with old media methodologies.

    In this new information format, information dissemination is refreshing! We are informed the right way, and as a result, we love our government instead of hating them. We are no longer viewers of piecemeal stories where the media is; pitting the public and government against each other, pitting political parties against each other, or making the government look bad. You know the drill.

    THE SECOND HALF of the daily news, where the media asks intelligent questions, is also great! This format keeps reporters in line, and they are far less apt to deliver the drama/destroy/bleed & lead format of reporting that has been so detrimental to all of us. We are so over it!

    In this new format, reporters do what they are supposed to do. They ask questions on behalf of the people, keep accountability in the equation, go more in-depth into the topics of the day, and ensure many perspectives are considered. That has integrity. It works!

    Now, if we just had an app for that! An app where “the people” could vote on issues of the day, have a say with online votes, and also be able to ask questions. That would be the total package.

    Imagine a communication model that facilitates conversation with the intention of collaboration and collective solutions. How progressive!

    Accomplishing that communication level would mean our province being one of the most highly connected, in-communication places in the world.

    Given that our success in life is often founded in our communication success, I believe this new model of media would be a winning formula!

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