by Tina Olivero

OIL TANKER SIMULATOR: Donated by Teekay to MI

The Centre for Marine Simulation at the Marine Institute received a welcome gift from Teekay (Atlantic) Management ULC. Teekay donated a ship bridge simulator providing a generous contribution to support the students of the Marine Institute.

The offshore industry was gathered at the Marine Institute to celebrate the momentous event and included industry stakeholders and special guests from Teekay’s Stavanger office in Norway. This generous $multi-million ships bridge simulator provides 360 visuals and a ‘near-life’ representation of conditions at sea. Marine students will learn to navigate weather, tidal, iceberg and wave conditions that may impact vessel performance giving them a distinct advantage navigating treacherous waters.

Paul White and Rick Cave, of Teekay Atlantic Management, proudly donate
the ship’s bridge simulator at the Centre for Marine Simulation, St. John’s, Newfoundland

Captain Chris Hearn, Director for the Centre for Marine Simulations says, “The technology represents the bridge of the ship and provides competency assurance for Teekay fleets operating on the grand banks. The control systems, the monitors, the displays, the visual system and the advanced physics engine of modelling captures the look and feel of the reality of these ships and the equipment on board. It’s an important resource to the growth, the longevity of our offshore industry and the supply of highly skilled personnel to safely and efficiently operate these shuttle tankers.”

Paul White, Teekay’s Managing Director in the St. John’s office has a long history with shuttle tanker operations. He was on the first-ever vessel to offload Hibernia oil on Christmas eve, decades ago. Paul was proud of this moment at the Marine Institute, “This project means the world to us. We have been a part of the four projects currently working offshore and it’s going to elevate the mariner experience of students here. This means a competent, safe and highly trained workforce for Teekay when we need them.”

Maria Halfyard, Manager of Applied Research and Industrial Projects,
Centre for Marine Simulation, Fisheries and Marine Institute, St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Local students and students from around the world will be attracted to Marine Institute’s Centre for Marine Simulation as it provides a world-class level of competence for oil tanker operations, ship manoeuvring, bridge management, and water navigation. Furthermore, simulators at MI can simulate any ship in any environment. That means students gain competence and safety confidence at sea, not only offshore Newfoundland but in the Arctic in some of the other most hazardous regions in the world.

A truly great day!


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