by Sandra Knezevic

    HEALTH BREAK: The keto diet

    For people who want to lose weight, choosing the best diet seems to be daunting. A plethora of diets currently flood the market, making it difficult particularly for some newbies who are simply beginning their weight reduction journey. In spite of the fact that picking up a couple of pounds is never again an issue in the present society, losing weight provides many benefits especially when it comes to one’s health. Choosing the best diet, therefore, is important to make the diet a success. One of the popular diets today is the Ketogenic diet.


    The healthy low carbs Ketogenic diet.


    A ketogenic diet is made popular as it is a low carb high fat diet which is easier for many dieters who love their protein. The diet focuses on having low carb intake which would then force the body to the ketosis state. This state is a natural process of the body where the body breaks down food in a slower manner than our body is accustomed to. This state is what the body undergoes when in a survival mode.

    keto diet

    Ketogenic Breakfast: Continental breakfast with fried eggs, bacon, avocado and greens.

    Meal Plan

    The ideal keto recipe includes 5% of carbs, 25% protein and 70% fats. The primary source of these carbs often include nuts, dairy and vegetables. Taking processed or refined carbs are not recommended as they may have empty carbs and high levels of sugar that are not needed by the body. Low carbohydrate vegetables such as cauliflower, kale, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, lettuce and lettuce are preferred most.

    In regard to oils or fats, picking only good ones is of great advantage to one’s wellbeing. Health fats include; olives .almonds, avocado, nuts, peanut butter, organic coconut dark chocolate and sesame. Make sure to limit hydrogenated oil or warmed vegetable oils as have fats that can affect the heart.

    Since protein assists with repair of tissues and cells, taking in protein is important. The source of protein and cut choices should also be taken into consideration as some parts are fattier and contain fewer proteins. Examples of protein sources include grass fed meats or wild games, free-range poultry, fish or seafood, shellfish, whole eggs and whey protein powders.

    keto diet

    Baked chicken breasts with zucchini and salad.

    Benefits of a Keto diet meal plan to convince you to follow one today:

    • Fat as fuel

    During a ketosis state, your body is accustomed to using fat as a fuel or energy instead of glucose otherwise. Our body is used to having carbohydrates as the energy source and when the supply of carbs is shut, it starts using body fat as fuel. Sounds great!!!

    • Ketones instead of glucose

    Ketones are produced in a ketosis state which might get in excess sometimes. But even the excess production of ketones is not harmful to the body as it gets excreted out through urine, unlike glucose which gets stored as fat.

    • No hunger pangs

    When your body reaches the ideal state of burning fat for energy, it no longer craves for carb-rich foods, something high in sugar and unhealthy. This means you feel no urge to eat sugar-laden desserts or drinks to keep yourself energized for all day.

    • Weight loss

    This is what you have been aiming for, right? In the ketosis state, your body starts using ketones instead of glucose which helps in regulating the body’s insulin level. So, a miraculous diet program for all diabetic patients struggling with weight loss.

    • Satiation
    keto diet

    The healthy eating, low-carb, diet.

    A ketogenic diet will make you feel fuller for longer suppressing your hunger pangs now and then. In other weight loss diet plans, you are urged to keep down your hunger guards every time to feel like eating something, to regulate the carb intake. But the case is very different in a keto diet, where you feel satiated without many efforts and that actually helps in reaching your weight loss goal.

    Keto diet books do show that for kids who have epilepsy a ketogenic dietary regimen is a great thing. It’s been found that youngsters with epilepsy when taking in a low carbohydrate diet, have less frequent seizures. For thirty-eight per cent of the kids ingesting reduced carb, fifty percent suffered fewer seizures; for seven percent there had been a ninety percent reduction.

    Now that you know all the benefits you can get from a keto recipe, it totally makes sense why you should be following one now. And of course, you have nothing to lose except your weight.

    keto diet

    Ketogenic lunch: cheese, meat and vegetables.

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