by Tina Olivero

It’s Time to Say Enough is Enough

Over the past decade, everyone from foreign-funded protesters to homegrown activists has attempted to landlock resources. Meanwhile, the oil and gas industry has been reducing GHG emissions and maintaining the highest environmental and human rights standards for energy development in the world.

The industry is working hard to keep this country running and Canadians in jobs. As critic’s do everything in their power to keep our resources locked away, it’s at the detriment to the entire country. What about our hospitals, our roads, our social services.

Today the oil and gas industry says, “Enough is ENOUGH.”  

For too long the oil and gas industry has been taken for granted, by people who don’t see the big picture. The industry is tired of being blacklisted by a minority of people who don’t know the full effect of their concerns. They complain about oil and gas on the one hand and use petroleum for their cars, cell phone and heating their homes, on the other.

The oil industry is tired of their natural resources being sold to American customers at bargain prices, and it sickens them to see our strong and free nation buying oil from countries that violate every value that Canadian’s hold dear.

The truth – global energy needs are increasing every year. The world needs Canadian energy. It needs the most responsibly sourced, and safely delivered energy in the world.

Oil and gas drive the Canadian economy as much as it drives your car. The industry creates jobs and builds schools, playgrounds and hospitals. It supports communities, charities and families. Petroleum fuels the arts, technology, renewables and virtually every other industry.

The oil industry will continue to employ millions, feed families, fund infrastructure, pay doctors and teachers, and fill restaurants, movie theatres and hotels.

Canada needs the oil and gas industry the world needs Canada’s oil. 

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