by Tina Olivero

    SEAEXPLORER: Autonomous Underwater Sensing Platform

    The SEAEXPLORER underwater glider is an autonomous sensing platform with very high endurance for both coastal and offshore marine environments: the glider is driven by buoyancy changes (no propeller) for low energy consumption and weeks to months of autonomous missions without the need for a surface vessel. The SEAEXPLORER is an effective profiling tool for water column observation.

    Along the saw-tooth like navigation profile the glider collects different physical and biochemical parameters through its attached sensors.

    The glider is regularly monitored by the onshore-based pilot each time it surfaces, to remotely download data and update the mission.


    Key Benefits

    • Large scale surveys (weeks to months of endurance without a surface vessel)
    • Continuous, “in situ” & multi-parameter measurement
    • Dissolved chemical compound sensing
    • Near real time data transmission & mission management
    • Autonomous & very cost effective survey
    • No environmental footprint / low HSE risk


    ALSEAMAR  provides turnkey services from data acquisition to delivery of full data analysis & reports using its powerful autonomous SEA EXPLORER underwater gliders.

    The ALSEAMAR offer includes:

    • Mobilization of SEA EXPLORER gliders
      • Mission planning
      • Glider preparation & testing
      • Glider deployment
    • Glider survey
      • 24/7 Piloting during the mission
      • Real-time data provision and processing
      • Daily reporting
    • Demobilization of SEA EXPLORER gliders
      • Glider recovery
    • Analysis & Report processing
      • Quality control
      • Post mission Processing
      • Data analysis
      • Delivery of data and final report

    Piloting services: for SEAEXPLORER glider owners, ALSEAMAR proposes piloting services with its experienced team of pilots supporting 24/7 mission management during glider surveys.

    Collected data

    • Salinity, Temperature, Pressure
    • Dissolved oxygen
    • Chlorophyll
    • Turbidity
    • CDOM
    • Hydrocarbons
    • Methane
    • Acoustic recordings


    ROMOR is Canada’s exclusive distributor of ALSEAMAR’s Glider
    For more information speak with Darrin Verge:  WWW.romor.ca


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