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    CrewSmart: Optimizing Offshore Wind Platforms

    CWind, part of the Global Marine Group (GMG), a leading provider of topside, splash zone and subsea engineering services to the offshore renewables and utility market, has implemented CrewSmart’s advanced management support service across its fleet of 21 crew transfer vessels (CTVs) and a team of offshore wind technicians. The cloud-based CrewSmart system provides CWind with comprehensive control over personnel and fleet administration, optimising the overall efficiency of the operations team. 

    In a rapidly expanding offshore wind market, the availability of specialist CTVs, manned with highly skilled technicians and crew, is critical for delivering projects to schedule, and ensuring that they continue to operate to their full potential over the long-term. As new projects come online globally, vessel demand has spiked, with pressure on service providers to deliver reliable, round-the-clock logistical support and maintenance. 

    CrewSmart’s cloud-based system provides an end-to-end management platform, enhancing CWind’s ability to deliver against the key metrics of vessel availability and ‘time on turbine’ for technicians. CWind now has quick and efficient access to essential information for CTV fleet, crew and technician requirements, including personnel records, operational data, and commercial and financial information.

    Uniquely, CrewSmart provides a single management platform that integrates directly with other mission-critical software tools. The system has been integrated with CWind’s existing vessel monitoring platform, BareFLEET, providing CWind with a single point of access to all performance data from across the fleet. 

    Working closely with CWind, CrewSmart has developed a bespoke inventory management module and near-field communication (NFC) system, designed to support the Company with maintaining an accurate inventory of all critical components, tools, spares, and personal protective equipment (PPE); critical to ensuring the highest possible standards of safety and technical availability. 

    Through ongoing consultancy, and adapting the system to CWind’s specific requirements, CrewSmart has supported the business to reduce administrative challenges, and increase the focus placed on successfully delivering projects for offshore wind developers, owners and contractors. 

    Joshua Brennan, CWind Director of Operations, said, “Investing in digital CrewSmart technology provides distinct advantages for CWind’s fleet and operations team. As a result, we are ensuring that we can continue to deliver excellent service to our offshore wind clients, globally.”

    To find out more about the CrewSmart platform and request a demonstration, please visit: www.crewsmart.co.u

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    About CrewSmart:

    CrewSmart is the leading end-to-end crew and fleet management support service for all personnel, operational, commercial, and financial maritime management requirements. 

    An intelligent and comprehensive database for vessels and crew, CrewSmart makes crew manager’s lives easier by assigning and directing crew to vessels, whilst managing contracts, certifications, and timesheets. It is the only service that manages regulatory compliance liabilities for vessels, employees and third parties. 

    Incubated as a research and development function in a leading offshore energy CTV business, CrewSmart provides a cloud-based solution that can be tailored to the precise needs of each customer’s business, benefiting the business as a whole and adding value to the services their customers provide. 

    The CrewSmart service can be integrated with systems including BareFLEET, Dropbox, and Slack, allowing businesses to keep track of the performance of its vessels in the field alongside certifications and work schedules.

    For more details, please visit – www.crewsmart.co.uk

    About Global Marine Group

    The Global Marine Group (“GMG”) is part of Global Marine Systems Limited (“GMSL”), which is an operating subsidiary of HC2 Holdings Inc. (NYSE: HCHC). GMG is a market leader in offshore engineering and is recognised as a high quality, independent strategic partner across multiple sectors. GMG consists of three business units; Global Marine, providing fibre optic cable solutions to the telecommunications and oil & gas markets, CWind providing topside, splash zone and subsea engineering services to the offshore renewables and utilities market and Global Offshore delivering cable installation, repair and trenching services to the offshore renewables, utilities and oil & gas markets.

    GMG has two successful joint ventures in China, SBSS and HMN, demonstrating the true global reach of the Company. The combined experience and knowledge has led to significant embedded intellectual property and an enviable track record.

    GMG has an outstanding record in health & safety and proudly hold the RoSPA Order of Distinction, following 19 consecutive years’ of receiving their Gold Standard in recognition of outstanding occupational health & safety standards.

    GMG is in a unique position, owning the world’s largest independent marine contracting fleet including four specialist cable installation and repair vessels, four maintenance vessels and 18 owned CTVs. With a workforce that has an impressive total of over 6,300 years’ of service, and an average service length of approximately 12 years.

    The Group boasts a number of industry achievements, from installing the first subsea cable in 1850, being part of the consortium that invented the universal joint, and right through to today, finding solutions for client challenges such as blade repair for offshore wind turbines.

    The Group aspires to achieve its vision of ‘Engineering a clean and connected future’.

    For more information about the Global Marine Group, Global Marine, CWind and Global Offshore, please visit our websites at www.globalmarine.group, www.globalmarine.co.uk, www.cwind.global and www.globaloffshore.co.uk. 

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