by Tina Olivero

    Where Silicone Valley Meets Oil and Gas

    Celebrating its 5th year of bringing together the most influential names in the industry, the Data Driven Drilling & Production Conference 2019 (11-12 June, Houston) will unite leading operators and contractors to develop data-driven strategies that will revolutionise drilling and production operations worldwide.

    This is the go-to-meeting point for game changers, disruptors and innovators to showcase, AI, machine learning, VR, drones, wearables and other new technologies.

    This conference is the fifth of the Data-Driven Drilling & Production Conferences and a perfect milestone to add perspective to our exploration of the next step in digital data – production optimization. The time is ripe for major transformative changes in drilling and production.

    New applications driven by advanced data digitalization are popping up all over the upstream oil and gas industry.

    The oilfield and all the stakeholders will benefit from integrated solutions that transform operations and deliver tangible business value.

    True transformations will bring real-time visualization, wearables, and other techniques for human/machine driving improved decision making, greater efficiencies, reduced risk, and reduced pollution.

    Exciting developments are occurring in upstream, in supply chains, smart drilling, life-cycle management, cloud storage, proactive maintenance, and production optimization.


    ■■ Optimizing a multitude of potential ways to develop digital data-driven applications

    ■■ Obtaining buy-in from stakeholders

    ■■ Solving the digital divide between tech-savvy and field experience in a mobile workforce

    ■■ Building decision-making based on quality sets of the right data

    ■■ Addressing security concerns and legal issues

    ■■ Developing open standards Digital data is changing the way we think about information, how knowledge can be leveraged using data analytics, machine interfaces, and other creative applications.

    Stakeholders – stockholders, workers, customers, and vendors – have a vested interest in better understanding the potential benefits (and risk) involved, and how these new technologies will impact their investments, jobs, and lives. The challenge becomes capturing field experience and engineering experience fora unified workforce aided by visualization, wearables, and other outputs from data digitization that can be readily applied to oilfield situations.

    Decisions are only as good as the data behind the decision making. The challenge is to create quality data sets measuring the right information. Cybersecurity continues to be a challenge for everyone and everything.



    Minimize Downtime, Enhance Safety and Deliver Digital Transformation:

    • Data collection, management and integration: Hear from the leaders in data management and how they are driving efficiency gains across operational units by improving data availability, utility and visualization.
    • Data analytics and predictive maintenance: Wield new automated and integrated systems to dramatically reduce downtime and OPEX at scale
    • E&P automation and control systems: Witness real-time support technology, measurement and downhole edge capability innovation to improve well placement accuracy and minimize personnel exposure.
    • Change management: Refine your operating model, optimize your business processes and learn about the latest enhancements to the human-machine interface.
    • Data driven drilling optimization: Get the low-down on drilling automation, robotics, technology, the skills and culture required to adopt digital technologies and much more on our day-long drilling track! 


    Open standards will lead the way to redefining access to data and the ease at which different groups can benefit from the vast data collection underway.

    Upstream operations in drilling and production are on the brink of disruptive change with bigger, better data, improved decision making, and potentially the largest use of blockchain outside the financial sector.

    Exciting developments are being spotted in the upstream arena as digital transformations become more visible everywhere.

    These are all topics that will lead the agenda at the exciting DDDP 2019 in Houston, Texas on 11-12 June 2019.


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