by Tina Olivero


    SGO DESIGNER GLASS: Creates Artist’s Rendition of Business & Environment In Harmony At The Site Of  The West White Rose Concrete Base Structure.

    The OGM

    What I enjoy most about my work is being able to surprise and delight clients by developing show-stopping products and projects. We did that again this year at the Atlantic Canada Petroleum Show.

    For the Atlantic Canada Petroleum Show we spend a lot of time getting creative with our booth. We brainstorm and ensure that we provide an “experience” for our clients when they stop to visit us at Mile One Stadium.

    We appreciate the effort people make to visit us and in return, we provide an experience that delights attendees. An experience that invites participants to join in, engage and feel good about interacting with our company and our products. This year we brainstormed on the idea of bringing ‘business and art’ together in new and creative ways.  We came up with some really great stuff!

    Dave Pye, Owner of SGO Designer Glass is a man with a great eye. He’s synchronized the old traditions of stained glass with new world technology and creates stunning, stained glass overlays. The results are creative and always the “wow” factor.

    Deciding on “The Art of Business” for our booth as a theme this year, we invited Dave to join us in creating the elements of design for our booth. Dave and his team set to work executing the leading piece of art for the booth. Given that West White Rose is going to be such a lucrative world-class project, this year we will be profiling that project and all its opportunities for our people through Dave’s Stained Glass Overlay.

    Celebrating the oil and gas industry, the environment and the arts we have merged those sectors into one theme and have constructed a full, wall-size stained glass mural, which was on display as the backdrop of our booth. This wall-sized mural incorporates the harmonious integration of man and nature, industry and art.  It’s beautiful. We then transferred the design of that beautiful piece of work onto the front cover of The OGM as illustrated on the summer edition. With matching backdrop and magazine cover, our booth was a hit!

    The wall-sized original piece of stained glass overlay artwork went on silent auction at ACPS and everyone visiting our booth got a complimentary copy of The OGM magazine with the artwork on the cover.

    We are pleased to say that this gorgeous piece of art now, most appropriately dawns the walls of ARUP offices in St. John’s, NL.


    See more details on SGO Designer Glass

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