by Tina Olivero

    Exploration Offshore Newfoundland: West Aquarius

    Building our exploration environment offshore Newfoundland is critical to the success of oil and gas future.  Without exploration there is no future projects.

    Recent good news came with ExxonMobil Canada’s award of the Seadrill  rig contract. At least one well will be drilled offshore Newfoundland next year.  The Seadrill West Aquarius rig will drill one well for ExxonMobil Canada, with the oil company having multiple options to further extend the contract. The contract is expected to be approximately $24 million and exploration start is expected between May and July of 2019.

    The company says additional wells may be drilled under the agreement and they are continuing to work with regulators for all the necessary approvals.


    From shallow to ultra-deep water, in both harsh and benign environments, we are setting the standard in offshore drilling. Seadrill safely unlocks oil and gas resources for customers, helping them to deliver energy around the world. Seadrill Limited owns 35 drilling rigs and manages 18 rigs on behalf of Seadrill Partners, Seamex and Northern Drilling. 

    Drilling efficiencies through digitalization is the future. See Video

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