by Tina Olivero

    Exponential Growth: Energy Storage Systems

    Throughout the spring of 2018, the Company launched a portfolio of fully integrated and factory assembled residential and small commercial energy storage systems, commercially certified for major markets including North America, Europe, and Australia. The product portfolio includes market and application specific solutions designed for mass adoption through energy storage and electrical distribution networks.

    Recent sales and marketing activities have increased distribution and customer partnerships significantly, with multi-partner coverage in all target markets. As a result, the Company has achieved a +550% increase in product sales growth as compared to its first three fiscal quarters of 2017. The Company has confirmed July orders have exceeded $3 million, eclipsing its first two fiscal quarter results of $2.4 million and expects an additional $3 million for the balance of the fiscal year.

    “Our factory integrated solutions have been designed for fast and simple installations with maximum flexibility, delivering a full suite of grid services capability and consumer value for self- consumption and seamless backup power,” commented Justin Holland, Eguana’s Chief Executive Officer. “Upon receiving the Mercedes Benz Energy endorsement for Evolve, we executed a global distribution strategy with exceptional results over a very short period of time. Recurring orders have started, 12 new distribution and installer partnerships around the world, with an expectation of additional partners in the coming weeks and months.”

    eguna technologies

    About Eguana Technologies Inc.

    Based in Calgary, Alberta Canada, Eguana Technologies Inc. (EGT: TSX.V) (OTCQB: EGTYF) designs and manufactures high performance residential and commercial energy storage systems. Eguana has two decades of experience delivering grid edge power electronics for fuel cell, photovoltaic and battery applications, and delivers proven, durable, high-quality solutions from its high capacity manufacturing facilities in Europe and North America.

    With thousands of its proprietary energy storage inverters deployed in the European and North American markets, Eguana is one of the leading suppliers of power controls for solar self-consumption, grid services and demand charge applications at the grid edge.

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