by James Muir

    FOOTBALL: Individual Training for Strikers

    A reliable frontman is worth their weight in gold in football.

    When it comes to talent identification and recruitment, finding a player who can find the back of the net with unshaken consistency is perhaps the hardest thing in football. Top goal scorers are not born, though. They are trained and their skills are honed by hours of practice and experience, specifically targeted at honing those goal scoring instincts. But the modern day striker has to be so much more than just a fox in the box.

    Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema perhaps typifies this better than most. The Frenchman has enjoyed a fine strike rate over the course of his Real Madrid career since joining in 2009, but despite the goals drying up in recent seasons, he remains a firm favourite of coach Zinedine Zidane.

    “It depends on how you see football. Being a striker isn’t just about scoring. You have to participate in the team’s moves, open spaces, give assists… I can understand the criticism, but I have another vision of football,” Benzema told French publication AS.

    “A modern-day striker needs to be a good passer of the ball, have movement, score goals and create them for the rest of the team.” With most coaches — and indeed the Australian coaching curriculum — favouring a 1–4–3–3 set-up, with one central striker (the number 9), the modern day striker needs to be good at receiving the ball under pressure, playing with their back to goal and involving their supporting team-mates. Of course, strikers are still required to hit the target when the chance presents itself, but the perfect striker is expected to play a much more complete role in most teams.

    Developing The All-Round Skill Set

    So, how do you develop all the skills you need to thrive as a centre-forward? It’s not easy and the truth is that the average week of training at Australian junior soccer clubs is not going to be enough on its own, especially with most teams not having access to goals on a regular basis. To take your game to the next level, you will need dedicated training in the art of striking. That means more touches of the ball, more shots on goal and more repetition of the game day scenarios, developing your strength to hold defenders off and positional fitness at the same time. For most young players, clubs simply do not have enough time with you or the resources available to help you develop the skills you need. One-on-one soccer coaching will help you get the extra hours and guidance you need to lift your game to a new level. Finding a qualified and licensed coach for private soccer training can help you work on any area of your game. You can focus on a specific weakness, or look to build on your strengths. As a striker, you will want to make sure you’re getting plenty of repetitive touches on the ball in match like situations and speed.

    Finding a Football Coach

    Treiner.com.au is a marketplace, offering dedicated professionals who help committed football players find a soccer coach who can help them improve specific areas of their game.

    Young striker in NPLV looking to perfect your first touch? Treiner.com.au can help you find a soccer coach in Melbourne like Chris Yena at 9TheGoalGetter

    Maturing striker in the NSW NPL looking to improve your strength to make holding off those snappy defenders that little bit easier? Treiner can help you find a soccer coach in Sydney like ex A-League striker Joey Gibbs

    Whether you are playing in the BPL and need soccer coaching in Brisbane. Play for a school team in WA and need soccer coaching in Perth, Treiner can help you find the expert coach you need.

    In a one-hour private soccer training session — either 1-on-1 or with a small group — with your local Treiner coach, you will take more football actions than you would in your regular club training. That, coupled with instant feedback, advice and demonstration will make a world of difference to your game, which you can take into your next match. Of course, Treiner can do more than set you up with a local football coach. We have a number of different experts who can help you develop other areas of your game and match fitness. If you need help developing your strength or fitness, we can help you find a qualified and trained expert for that as well. The short video below helps to explain how you can book a local coach for a specially customized session, developed for your needs.

    Your local soccer coach will meet you at a convenient location to conduct the session at the time of your choosing. To look for a coach now head totreiner.com.au select find your coach now, choose your location and then pick the the type of session, and coach you want

    Your local soccer coach will meet you at a convenient location to conduct the session at the time of your choosing. To look for a coach now head to treiner.com.au select find your coach now, choose your location and then pick the the type of session, and coach you want.




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