by Tina Olivero

    NOIA-Hibernia Scholarship received by Mikayla Chislett

    Presenter James Parmiter, of Noia Board of Directors, gives Mikayla Chislett of Heart’s Delight the Noia-Hibernia Scholarship!   Mikayla is a Crescent Collegiate graduate who received her $1,000 award at the Noia Fall Seminar.

    Following her graduation from high school with a cumulative average of 95 percent, Mikayla enrolled in Memorial University where she is currently studying engineering with the goal of working in the offshore oil & gas industry as an engineer.

    The Noia-Hibernia scholarship was established in 1977 – the year the Hibernia platform was completed and started drawing oil. It is designed to foster the bright minds that will shape the future of our province’s oil and gas industry.

    Valued at $1,000, the award is presented annually to a graduating high school student in Newfoundland and Labrador who is entering post-secondary studies with the intention of pursuing a petroleum-related career. It recognizes excellence in both academics and extra-curricular areas.

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