by Tina Olivero

    Progressly: Process, Operations Management Game Changer

    The process of business is no longer a process. It’s a progressive cloud solution.

    Increasing efficiencies and productivity are the name of the game in the oil patch these days. With the oil price drop and no major price increase in sight, companies have had to re-invent themselves and find thier ‘new normal’ for operations.

    For strategic energy companies, that new set-point includes embracing technology to increase operational capacity. Operational efficiencies of 20-50% gains are considered a significant contribution to profitability margins.

    According to the 2017 PwC Oil and Gas Trends report, “Companies will explore new forms of technology deployment….Digitization should be a lever for innovation that improves productivity and efficiency in the field.” For instance, robotics are likely to become more commonplace in the industry, handling complex and repetitive tasks such as connecting pipes and replacing broken machinery, which in turn will reduce labor requirements. In some cases, technology will be acquired through partnerships. GE has announced an array of agreements with large and small oil companies to implement digital devices, databases, and sensors that could predict equipment breakdowns before they occur and expand exploration and production efficiency in deep sea and offshore oil platforms.” And then there are platforms…

    Platforms going beyond oil rigs

    Computer platforms are raging these days. They offer the exponential model of scale that every entrepreneur dreams of having. On the business to consumer platform scene think Uber, Airbnb, and Facebook. In the business to business platforms arena think Dropbox, Alibaba, DHgate, Global Sources, and more.

    Powered by online technologies, cloud-based, game-changing platforms are sweeping across the global economy and changing everything we know about business. It’s exciting to think about what’s next…


    Nick Candito – Founder and CEO of Progressly

    An operations solution that is taking the oil patch by storm has bloomed out of Silicon Valley. It’s called Progressly. Progressly is the world’s first cloud-based Operational Performance Management solution, working on the premise that the process of business is no longer a process. It’s a progressive cloud solution.

    Progressly is an all-inclusive centralizing platform that delivers real-time insights and an increase in efficiency by ensuring all company stakeholders are localized to a project. In other words, every process component is tied into the platform and therefore there is no lost information. Think about how much time we spend looking for stuff. Progressly fixes that.

    You can better understand Progressly by seeing it as a solution that centralizes your own critical information, and delivers real-time operational feedback, all the while increasing efficiencies in a way that meets the growing demands of your own specific business – it’s customizable.

    Progressly’s mission is to become the de-facto system of record for enterprise business processes. Enterprises today are plagued with difficult to use, antiquated business process solutions that hinder them to run their operations efficiently and effectively.

    Nick Candito, founder and CEO of Progressly is a passionate leader who’s driven to build diverse products and teams that win. Nick says, “At Progressly, our vision is to empower every customer to innovate faster, perform better, and solve bigger problems than ever before. We see the opportunity for the energy sector to consolidate operations in new and innovative ways. Progressly takes that on.”


    Ruslan Belkin

    Progressly gained the interest of Silicon Valley Veteran Ruslan Belkin, who is a former Salesforce, Twitter and LinkedIn executive who believed that oil and gas companies today are hindered with difficult to use, siloed business systems that fail to simplify communication around processes and improve how businesses operate.

    Now the Chief Technical Officer at Progressly, Ruslan said, “Progressly is poised to completely transform the way enterprises organize and execute their business processes and gain insights to improve business outcomes. I’m excited to join this incredible team that is deep-rooted in a culture built on transparency, execution, and teamwork.”

    Nick Candito, acknowledges Belkin, “Ruslan provides strong vision and solid experience that will help us seize the opportunity to disrupt a market that’s long overdue for innovation. With this investment, we are in a great position to accelerate the adoption of our platform and help enterprises automate their processes that result in more profitable revenue, greater competitive advantage, and higher efficiency.”


    Ruslan Belkin, Silicon Valley veteran and Chief Technical Officer at Progressly

    Applications for your company operations

    Nick says, “Progressly is the first SaaS platform that enables companies such as Valero, Comcast, and Shell to standardize and centralize processes with their operations. The platform provides powerful data-driven insights so teams can benchmark progress, improve the speed of collaboration, remove human error and manual activity and ultimately make better decisions about driving effective business change. Progressly currently integrates with existing productivity and collaboration tools including Outlook, SharePoint, Slack, Google Chrome, Confluence, and Jive.”

    Integrating Progressly into your organization means you can:

    • Replace paper-based forms and spreadsheets with an easy to use web interface (no coding required)
    • Centralize health and safety activities to increase transparency and accountability
    • Improve safety and mitigate risks by reducing the time to action
    • Complete steps and capture data as work is done in real-time
    • Access data anytime, anywhere and on any device
    • Reduce operational costs by avoiding paperwork
    • and improve business performance overall


    What do executives think about Progressly?

    500 global executives over a span of two months were surveyed to discover how they are pursuing key initiatives in operational excellence and the problems they’re encountering in achieving their operational goals. 65 percent of the executives surveyed were in the energy sector. “The survey findings further validate that businesses are increasingly aligning their strategy with operational excellence to drive scalable, enterprise-wide transformation like never before,” said Nick Candito.

    Survey findings concluded that “Organizations are seeking operational excellence and digital transformation – and getting IT aligned on business goals and driving excellence will be a key initiative to getting there,” Nick said. “It’s also important to have visibility of what’s going on across the whole business in real-time and then adapt as needed. Change doesn’t mean an overhaul of everything in one go, nor ripping and replacing existing software. It’s much easier for organizations to model and build flexibility and efficiency within their existing infrastructure.”



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