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    Husky: West White Rose – $5.2 Billion in contracts to let

    Today marked the start of the procurement supplier information sessions for the West White Rose project in Placentia, Newfoundland. Of significant importance to the local economy, operators, government, major contractors, suppliers and support companies, this world-class oil and gas project has begun! 

    The West White Rose project includes the construction of a concrete gravity structure which will have a net project cost of $2.2 billion from construction to first oil. Another $3.6 billion will be spent over the project life including about $180 million reflected in 2017 capital guidance. The total cost of construction and production of West White Rose will be $5.2 billion over the project lifespan.  Much of this project cost will be spent with local and Canadian companies who are successful bidders on the work.  How do you get involved….

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    West White Rose – What you need to know

    Located some 350 kilometres offshore Newfoundland and Labrador, the West White Rose project is a significant project in the oil and gas industry. Significant direct employment, business and other industrial benefits provided to Newfoundland and Labrador, including more than $3 billion in provincial royalties, equity and taxes and more than 10 million person-hours of employment during the engineering and construction phases. The project is expected to create approximately 250 permanent platform jobs once operational.

    A purpose-built graving dock at Argentia, Newfoundland and Labrador was completed in 2015 to enable construction of the concrete gravity structure. Construction will commence in the fourth quarter of 2017. Following construction, the concrete gravity structure will be towed to the White Rose field where the platform’s topsides will be installed before connecting to the SeaRose via existing subsea infrastructure.

    The West White Rose development plan includes a tie-back to the already existing SeaRose FPSO (Floating Production Offshore Supply Vessel).  Simply put, there will be an additional concrete structure used to extract the oil from below the seabed and that system will be tied back to the already existing production vessel. 

    White Rose
    The Operator – Husky Energy

    Husky Energy has a working interest of approximately 70 percent of the project. Other project partners include Suncor Energy and Nalcor Energy – Oil and Gas.

    While Husky oversees the construction of this project, the General Partnership responsible for the construction of the Concrete Gravity Structure includes SNC-Lavalin, Dragados, and Pennecon. These three companies will be the buyers and administrators of all subcontracts and purchase orders associated with West White Rose.

    west white rose

    The General Partnership

    Known as the “General Partnership”, SNC-Lavalin, Dragados, and Pennecon are responsible for the construction of the project in five main areas of procurement:
    1. Contracts
    2. Purchasing
    3. Expediting
    4. Logistics
    5. Material Control

    There is a registration requirement prior to obtaining a bid request or a request for quotation. The procurement process promises full and fair opportunity, competitive bidding, confidentiality agreements and adherence to Husky’s Newfoundland Benefits Plan, the Atlantic Accord Act and the Special Project Collective Agreement.

    Project stakeholders are committed to ensuring industrial benefits are experienced in Newfoundland and Labrador and that provincial suppliers and contractors will have the opportunity to participate in the supply of goods and services through the GP procurement process.

    Companies will be evaluated and selected on the following procurement criteria:

    Technical and commercial compliance
    Newfoundland benefits commitments
    Work experience
    Price (competitiveness)
    Quality assurance
    Health, safety & environment

    Key Procurement considerations include:

    Satisfactory delivery performance record for similar scope
    Technical capability
    Skill of proposed team/workforce
    Availability of equipment required for the work
    Low staff turnover

    2017 Procurement packages include:

    Batch plant and concrete supply (for CGS)
    Concrete for infrastructure establishment
    Waste water treatment plant
    Tower cranes
    Reinforcing bar supply (main supply)
    Site buildings
    Construction equipment and materials
    Construction plant
    Scaffolding for primary access
    General site services as required
    Light vehicles – Early works
    Medical services and ambulance
    Pre-employment assessments
    Safety equipment and protective clothing (I.e. gloves, vests, hearing protection and eye protection etc.)
    Emergency fire service
    Construction consumables—Early Works

    2018 Procurement Packages Include:

    Construction mobile cranes and equipment
    Hoists (Personnel)
    J Tubes
    Pipe, valves and fittings
    Steel (various shapes)
    Concrete delivery systems
    T-Headed bar
    Light vehicles – CGS Construction
    Construction consumables – CGS Construction
    Testing services

    Your procurement contacts include:

    MICHEL GIRARD – Project Procurement Manager
    Michel.girard@snclavalin.com | 1.514.473.3339

    SEAN LANNON – Project Site Buyer

    PAUL KOTCHOUNIAN – Registration and bid package assistance
    Paul.kotchounian@snclavalin.com | 1.514.393.8000 Ext 53094

    SHELDON RUSSELL – Contracts Supervisor
    Sheldon.russell@snclavalin.com | 1.709.368.0118 Ext 54869

    For more details contact

    West White Rose
    KIEWIT OFFSHORE SERVICES: Husky West White Rose Living Quarters

    Kiewit Offshore Services (KOS), Marystown has been awarded a contract to construct the living quarter’s module for the Husky West White Rose Project (WWRP).

    The WWRP living quarters module is 144 persons on board, POB, facility comprised of two main levels and one partial level.  The living quarter’s module will be outfitted and pre-commissioned in Marystown. KOS is utilizing a Project-specific procurement website for suppliers to register and prequalify as bidders on major material and equipment packages.

    Kiewit Hiring

    During the course of the Living Quarter construction, Kiewit is expected to employ, at the peak, around 200 skilled trade construction workers. Some early work will begin before the end of 2017.  Most of the hiring will begin in 2018.

    For employment opportunities forward your resume to: Marystown.jobs@kiewit.com

    For more information visit http://wwrplivingquarters.com/

    TechnipFMC: West White Rose – Subsea Tie Back System
    Main Subcontracts include:

    Package Anticipated & Award Date

    1. Valves – Q2 2018
    2. Dropped Object Protection  – Q2 2018
    3. Bend Restrictors – Q2 2018
    4. Shorebase – Q3 2018
    5. Piling – Q3 2018
    6. Structural Steel – Q3 2018
    7. Subsea Structures Fabrication – Q4 2018
    8. Piping and Fittings – Q4 2018
    9. Survey – Q4 2018
    10. Heavy Lift Vessel – Q4 2018
    11. Pre-commissioning – Q4 2018
    12. Hyperbaric Rescue Facility – Q4 2018

    West White Rose Project – Subsea Tie Back System Procurement and Services
    Package Anticipated Award Date

    Pulling Heads – Q2 2018
    Site Inspection (multiple packages)  – Q3 2018
    Bolt Tensioning – Q1 2019
    Anodes – Q2 2019
    Bolts, Gaskets, and Seal Rings – Q2 2019
    ROV Tooling – Q3 2019
    Certificate of Fitness – Q3 2019
    Pressure Transmitters for SSIV Structure Q4 2019
    Temporary Equipment Fabrication Q4 2019
    Marine Agent Q4 2019
    Medical Services Q1 2020
    Firefighting Services Q1 2020
    Immersion Suits Q1 2020
    Seafastening Q1 2020
    Container Rental Q1 2020
    Rigging 2019/2020/2021

    For more information on procurement opportunities with TechnipFMC contact:
    Greg Vineham
    Business Services Manager | Subsea Projects Canada
    P +001 709 757 0349 | M +001 709 351 1571

    131 Kelsey Drive | St. John’s, NL | A1B 0L2

    Daniel Power
    Commercial Manager | Subsea Projects Canada
    P +1 709 757-2291 | +1 709 743-9096
    131 Kelsey Drive | St. John’s, NL | A1B 0L2

    Source & Photo’s: Husky Energy, Kiewit, TechnipFMC

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