by Tina Olivero

    Hebron: Through the eyes of Rick Brown

    Hebron - by Rick Brown

    In May of 2014, a group of Marine Officers from varied backgrounds came together to form a team: the Marine Officer Teamsters from Local 855 and the Laborers from Local 1208. Together they took on the task of the safe and efficient transport of the staggering numbers of people needed to complete the Hebron project.

    Hebron by Rick Brown

    One of those Marine Officers was Rick Brown. He and his colleagues moved passengers from shore to sea with three small vessels: The M.V.Katmar, the Cavalier Royal, and the Cavalier Desmers.

    Hebron by Rick Brown

    In October 2016, the team’s efforts in moving people, hit one million passengers transported, and today (summer of 2017) they have transported 1.8 million passengers safely. Rick Brown says, “It has not been without challenges, winds, ice, mechanical issues, but thanks to the professionalism and dedication of all involved it has been successful.”

    Hebron by Rick Brown

    Rick Brown clearly has a keen eye for the majesty and beauty of the Hebron project and its surroundings. The OGM has chosen Rick Brown as the “winner” of the Hebron Photo Call, and we’ve published his photographs here for all to enjoy.

    Hebron by Rick Brown

    Thanks to all of you ‘people movers’ and Rick, thanks for sharing your great photos. It’s amazing what an iPhone and a good eye can do!

    Hebron by Rick Brown

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